Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Is Game Day

"He's scored the touchdown Sissy....get over here and start licking,,,,we'll see if you can get the extra point!!!"

Love Listening

I love listening to her cum.....and I love helping her get there!!!! His big cock was enough but when I started rubbing her clit and kissing her on that spot....well that was all she needed....I lost count of her orgasms and he just kept going....she might be a little sore tomorrow but I'd be sure to kiss all her boo-boos and make her feel all better!!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Animal House Reunion

The reunion had been wonderful, seeing their old Fraternity brothers brought back all those good old memories of their college years! Strangely though none of them seemed to know who had organized it!!!
They had been boys then, wild and without a care, but now they were all well established young gentlemen...Doctors, lawyers, bankers, businessmen....why one of them was even considering running for Senator!!!
Suddenly the music stopped!!! A female voice boomed over the speaker....
"We'd like to welcome the men of Delta Tau Chi to this reunion,,,,we're so happy that so many of you decided to attend. We sponsored this reunion for you and it has gone far better than we had ever imagined!"
"We are a group of women....graduates of Faber just like you...but where your college years were fun and games, our experience was very different!!! We were abused and molested and exploited by you and we think it's time now to even the score!"
The men murmured and from the back one yelled that he was leaving!!!
"Oh no, you can't leave....all the doors and windows are quite secure....let me explain what's going to happen to you. Many of us decided early on in college that we had to make you pay for your mistreatment and so we worked hard and studied....we studied science, and some of the more arcane disciplines....alchemy, magic and so on, until we found what we wanted....we wanted you gentlemen to live as know what we felt like.....and so we have perfected the technique of transforming men into women....the drug, once administered, is quite irreversible!"
The men recoiled and amid shouts several cried out that they would die before they'd allow anyone to give them this drug!!!
"You are all so smart yet you still don't see do you? The drug was in the beer've all received a maximum dosage already.....pull back the curtain.....this was once your chapter president.....Hoover I believe you called him dance....I mean watch HER dance....take a good long several hours this will be you!!!!!!"
From outside the women could barely hear the screams over their laughter!!!
Turning off the microphone the woman smiled and turned to the rest....
"Save Eric Stratton.....I mean Erica Stratton for me....I don't care what you do with the rest of them!"
"No problem Mrs. Wormer, thanks for all your help!!!"

Looks Like A Guy

I really wasn't expecting her to bring someone home and I had already removed my makeup to get ready for bed!!!
I was embarrassed when she introduced me to her young stud....after all it was obvious that I was a male in lingerie....and he objected when she asked me to suck his cock while she changed....
"But he looks like a told me he'd look like a chick!!!"
She knew it would take me quite a while to re-apply my makeup and she really didn't want to wait....
"Just a minute.....I know just the thing!!!! Sissy come with me to the kitchen!!!"
Five minutes later his cock was in my mouth and we were all happy again....she is very creative after all!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Maybe Some Day

Maybe some day.....
You and I.....
Wouldn't it be wonderful......
For now it's in my dreams.....
And what beautiful dreams they are......

The Cuckold

You felt so lucky to be watching from so close as that big black cock pumped in and out of your wife's pussy making her moan and gasp....

...but when he pulled out of her wet pussy your mouth opened before he said a word...

....and as your wife writhed with sucked and licked him in your mouth....why would he want that instead of fucking her beautiful pussy.....

....then when his cum shot down your throat you understood.....he'd already made your wife his bitch and now you were his sissy cum sucking bitch too!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


She was listening close by so what choice did I have?
"Excuse me, I'm looking for the biggest most satisfying meat you have available, I was hoping you could help me with my meat craving!!!!"
Stunned silence....laughter....and a retreat to the car where she was laughing at my blushing face....and soon I was laughing too!!!!
"Do you want to go to Burger King and ask them if they can give you a really juicy whopper Sissy?"
"Maybe next time...please?"
"OK Baby let's go home, I think I need to cum soon anyway!"