Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Red Venom

He whirled around at the sound of the secret panel opening, gun already drawn!!!
"Oh my god Red Venom!!!! I didn't think you were real!!! I thought you were just a story to scare children!!!"
"I assure you I am very real, why are you in my house???"
"Your house? She said it was her house!!! What's going on here?"
Red Venom turned to the quivering young blond and shook his head slowly....
"Again!" his voice was quiet yet still full of menace, "How many times must we do this?"
"I'm  sorry's just that I get so lonely here....and I'd like to have someone here for me with..."
The man lowered his gun in confusion....
"So this is your granddaughter Mr, Venom....I didn't know...."
Red Venom stepped forward and quickly grabbed the man by the neck and pressed the towel into his face....a sickly sweet smell invaded his nostrils as he felt all of his muscles go rigid....
"What you're feeling is the effect of several rare venom's that I've mixed which will result in complete paralysis.....I realize you didn't know what was happening when you came here but no one can know that this is my own son and his wife couldn't be trusted and I had to dispose of them....leaving me to raise their child myself...."
The mans eyes flicked wildly back and forth between the two who were now staring at him...
"I have indulged this young one's desires, perhaps too much....but after all he's my only grandson!"
The mans eyes stared intently at the blond...
"Ah....yes I see there was something else you didn't know....ah well enjoy your time together...." He turned to the secret panel to leave and suddenly turned back, "Oh yes Sweetie-pie try not to break this one for a while....otherwise....enjoy yourself!!!!"
"Thank you Grandpa, good night!"
As the panel swung closed behind him the young blond stepped in front of him and ran his fingers over the paralyzed mans chest....
"You're all mine now....let's play a game...."

Happy St Patricks Day

No he's not a leprechaun...,
and that's not a shillelagh....
But in honor of the good St Pat
I like to suck one daily
It seems corned beef and cabbage
Is not real Irish fare
But suck a cock every day
And you'll live without a care
And though we've been long gone
From Erin's golden shore
We get on our knees and promise St Pat
We'll suck cocks more and more

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

Milestones - Sissy Training

Losing his virginity is quite a milestone on his way to being your complete Sissy!!! Why not make it a celebration!!!! Invite all your friends to come and see your boyfriend/husband become your girl!!!!
It will be another part of a day he'll never forget!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2018


Yes I knew it was big....really big.....but even though I knew it I was still surprised when I felt it!!!

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Auntie had kept him in dresses for so long now that he no longer fought had become so commonplace that his cousins didn't even tease him much anymore....unless their friends were around!!!
In fact he had become quite accustomed to dressing in pretty petticoats and he really only had one concern lately....he wasn't at all happy with the way Aunties friend Tom looked at him when he thought no one else could see!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018


"That's it Sweetie....a nice steady rhythm....that's the way Daddy likes it....."
"This is fun....can I have some friends over to dress Daddy up and we can all fuck him like this?"
"Of course Dear you're're a woman now!!!
"Thank you so much Mom!!!"
"You're welcome pay attention to that rhythm!!!


"You know what Sissy? That pic of you with the big black cock in your mouth is trending,....over a million views already.....and the best thing is that your face is so clearly visible.....there's no mistaking that it's you sucking that cock.....gosh I hope your family doesn't see it!!!!