Thursday, December 12, 2019


"I'm sorry Honey....I'm going to have to work late again tonight....will you be OK?"
"I'll be fine Sweetheart....."
"I hate to leave you alone Honey...."
"Don't worry about it Sweetheart....I have a lot of things I can do to occupy my time...."
"Okay then I'll see you later.....bye..."
"Bye bye Sweetheart."
She turned to her lover......
"He thinks I don't know that he's wearing my undies...again, that will keep him happy so I can stay as late as I want!!!!"

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


"I understand that you want to taste your wife's sweet you can suck her flavor off of my cock,'s been inside her all night!!!!"

Hump Day

Because the maid was only off on Sundays, Hump Day wasn't really a thing for her....
And His Lordship usually couldn't tell one day from another and so Hump Day wasn't really a thing for him either.....but they wanted to observe all the traditions and so they both made sure to enjoy the day with all the enthusiasm they could!!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

It's Hard

It's hard pun have her supervise my trips to the bathroom....after all this time I know I have to sit to pee....with the cage it's difficult to do it any other way....and of course I'm not playing with anything.....there's really so little to play with!!!!

Party Etiquette

The whole idea behind slipping away together to fuck in our host's bathroom is wasted if she doesn't shut the door....
We finished to a round of applause from the people queued up to pee....

Monday, December 9, 2019

Tell Me More

"Tell me more Sis....was it hot?"
"So hot.....oh yes....I made him wear my panties....and he got so hard....but I didn't let him cum....I made him get on his knees and beg to lick me.....and he did.....oh god I don't know how many times I came on his tongue...."
"You enjoyed it.....making him do it...."
"Oh yeah....I....oh yeah......oh keep doing that and I'll tell you everything!!!!!!"
"I know you will Sis....."

Monday ManCandy

In the dark....before the first light of're up while the rest of the world still sleeps.....and you need something special to get you going.....while the sun was still sleeping you were busy swallowing that special creamy treat!!!!!
ManCandy!!!!! It tastes just as good in the dark!!!!!