Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Mayan Skull

How had this happened? She had thought they were so happy together...

When Dr. John Heinz  had married Dr. Theresa Kerry everyone thought it was a match made in heaven! She was the heiress to a fortune and he was a scientist that thought little of money.
Her fortune had allowed them to travel all over the world while they investigated the outer extremes of archaeology! They were in search of the proof of legends....leave the boring old gravediggers to look for the mundane discoveries, they were after the stuff of dreams!
They had made several minor discoveries in the Mayan rain forests before they stumbled onto Teothikan....the lost city....unseen since the fall of the Mayan Empire, nine centuries ago!
Dr. Karl had concentrated his studies in the temple while his wife searched the city hoping to reveal more secrets....
He kept telling her there was nothing of any value in the temple so far while she had found many tantalizing clues that left her baffled....
"I can read the glyphs John but they don't seem to make any sense...."
"How so?"
"Well it seems that this city was very warlike....and that at times of need the females would disappear and allies would arrive from elsewhere.....bu where did the females go and where the allies came from remains unclear....there are some glyphs that I don't recognize....some I've never seen....some I don't think anyone has ever seen!"
"Well keep at it Sweetheart, if anyone can decipher it it will be you! If I come across anything in the temple that might help I'll be sure to let you know!"
Soon Theresa had noticed that her sleep was interrupted by strange dreams and her body seemed to be changing in some way that she couldn't describe....she complained to her husband who told her it was nothing....all in her mind....but she was sure....
In a week she felt a bulge developing in her groin and asked her husband to examine it and give his opinion!"
"Beautiful as ever!" he said, making her blush!
The dreams were becoming more vivid....she was chasing down warriors of an opposing tribe and when she captured one she would.....she would take him as a man takes a woman and the victory filled her with joy!!!!
She began to have orgasms as she slept but always when she had the on their knees before pleasuring her in so many perverted ways....but always with her unmistakably as a great male warrior!
Then one day she awoke to a horror unlike any she had ever known.....her husband....holding a skull near her......smoke pouring from it....filling her eyes and ears and mouth and nose.....and she felt the change happen.....she was still a woman but she was also a wonderfully endowed man....
"What have you done to me John???"
"I made a discovery in the temple......I discovered that the women didn't leave....they were transformed into warriors.....and now I have transformed you. my dear, into the true woman of my dreams"
In a rage she tool the skull and smashed it against the wall....she had never felt so strong....and she ripped away his breathing apparatus as easily as she ripped away his clothes....he screamed as she tossed him like a rag doll and then she put him in position, he may have started this but she was going to finish this....every marriage needed a woman and in this marriage that was going to be him from now on!!!!
His screams echoed through the surrounding jungle, no one could say if it was pain or ecstasy!!!!

Never Tired

She never gets tired of having a big cock inside her....
I never get tired of watching...
She gets satisfaction with him deep inside her....
I get satisfaction from seeing her get the pleasure a big cock can give....something I can't give her!
I think that makes us perfect for each other!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2018


"We'll be watching on the nannycam fact everyone at the party will be watching....feel free to play with each other all you want but make sure neither of you cums....If either of you cums that's an automatic six months in chastity for both of you.....and you'll both have to come downstairs and be spanked in front of all our guests!!!!"
When the wives left the two sissies moaned as they felt each other....
"Six months and a spanking.....doesn't sound so bad to me Leeanne...."
"It's totally worth it sweet girl!!!!"
"But not right away.....I want to take my time...."
"Oh yes Sweet too!!!!"

Career Day

Her Daddy had been so reluctant until step-mommy had insisted....she was so proud that he came to career day at school!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

So Much Better

When she asked me if I would suck her new girlfriends cock I agreed....of course!
I anticipated the taste of latex and maybe just a little of her natural always....
Imagine my surprise to find a natural!!!!! And it was just so much better than I had imagined!!!!

Show Me

"Show me!"
"You said you wear women's said you were wearing them now....I want to see..."
He nervously lowered his jeans and revealed his pretty panties to her....
She just stared....not speaking or frowning or smiling....just staring!!!!
Finally he asked....
"Should I go?"
She shook her head as if woken from a dream....
"Go....go where....I was just thinking I have a bra that would match those panties you know your bra size?"
"Oh and then you'll need stockings too....or do you prefer pantyhose? And some shoes and a pretty dress.....oh this is going to be such fun!!!!"
"You mean you...."
"I mean I love you and think you're going to make the cutest girlfriend....if you want to?"
"I can't wait.....can I try on that bra?"
"Sure let's go....I'll help you with the hooks!!!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hump Day

It's a good time for a Hump Day visit to the gym......just remember stretching is the key to a good workout!!!!