Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sunday Brunch

Thank goodness that she finally approved the menu for the Sunday Brunch....I don't think that I could take another spanking today!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Man Vanishes

He realized, finally, that no one was coming to his rescue....
It had been weeks....maybe months....he wasn't sure how long he'd been a captive of the madman....
His old life was like a dream now....he had changed so much....

When he had arrived at the remote home....G-Man Elliot Purvis had been a confident and capable agent....he had followed the clues and his gut instincts and they had led him here...
He couldn't get a warrant....and he didn't bother to tell anyone he was coming to check this place....he didn't want to get the whole thing thrown out of court for illegal search....
But he knew it....and now he would prove it....this was the last stop for the men who had to be....he could see it clearly even if he couldn't actually prove it!!!
He stopped his car on the dirt road....out of sight of the house and he cautiously moved was an ordinary looking home....maybe this had once been a farm but it was all overgrown now...but even as he slowly made his way to the house he felt like he was being watched....
He slipped around to the side yard and found the remains of a fire pit....there were some scraps of cloth at the edge....singed and burned....maybe the clothing of the missing men?
A shed door stood ajar and he peered in without pulling it shoes....dozens of them....this was what he needed....this would give him probable cause to execute a search without a warrant.....probably....let the DOJ lawyers figure that part out....for now....he was sure that this was the place...this was where the monster lived....
Maybe he just needed a little more....he moved to the back and saw that the basement windows had been bricked over.....the windows on the first floor had shutters tightly closed....he moved to the back door and to his surprise he found it unlocked.....he silently moved into the was very sunlight penetrated the shutters....from what he could see everything seemed normal....he drew his revolver and moved further into the house....there wasn't a sound...except for his own breathing....a voice in his head told him to get return with backup....but he had to be absolutely sure....and then as he took another step....there was a sudden movement and a sharp prick in his neck and then blackness!!!!
He was aware that time had passed.....he had awakened and been put back under multiple long had he been here?
He was kept in a completely dark room....bound to a post....he could feel the changes in his body....he knew what was happening to him.....
Every day his captor came and injected something into him....he would demand to be freed....but when his voice became more feminine he if it would make a difference if he couldn't hear it!!!
Worst of each day went by he was forgetting more and more of his was like it was being erased from his mind....there was already so much that he couldn't remember and with each injection he seemed to lose more....
He came with the injection as he always did....she meekly turned to allow him access to her bottom...and after the injection she felt peace....those pesky nagging thoughts seemed to just slip away....he had told her about the way of the she had been born a slave and had no he was soon going to be sending her back to her master....that she had been confused and delusional but that his expertise in medicine had cured her....she smiled....she was so grateful to this wonderful man....
They both heard the footsteps.....many footsteps....then the door crashed open....
"I've got him here!!!! You....down on your belly now....arms out...."
The man fell to the she began screaming....
"Who are you!!!! Leave us alone!!!!"
A man in a dark suit pushed his way through the men in the doorway....he looked at her....he seemed vaguely familiar....
"Oh my god.....that's him....that's Purvis.....untie him and get him out of here....get some ambulances here....there's more of them in the the county hospital and tell them to clear out a ward in the psych wing....."
Suddenly she realized that this man must be her Master coming to reclaim her....and now she could resume her life as a loyal slave to him.....everything was going to be alright after all....



"It's alright don't have to really look like a long as you're willing to swallow big cocks like a girl you'll work out just fine!!!!"

Friday, January 22, 2021


"You look so cute in those undies Sissy....let me just go get the salesgirl to help me pick out some dresses for you...."
"Wait just a minute!!!! Did you make me wear these clothes just for the two of us to have fun or did you do it to humiliate me in front of the salesgirl?"
"Well....if I'm being honest....I'd have to's a little bit of both...."


So Generous

"Are you ready Baby? Are you ready to fuck me?"
"You know I am....I want you so bad...."
"It's the only way? I've never had a man touch me down there...."
"Well my husband's not much of a man.....but the path to my pussy is through my husband's're not getting anywhere with me without his spit on your dick!!!!"
"Alright!!!! I can't wait anymore!!!! He can suck my cock!!!!"
"Did you hear that Sissy?"
"I"m on my way Honey.....thank you!!!!!"

Thursday, January 21, 2021

No Use Complaining

"It's the standard initiation for all the cheerleaders so there's no use complaining..."
"That's right Billy....we never thought that we'd have a male cheerleader....but if you're going to be one of have to be broken in like one of us...."
"And just think Billy....after this you get to lick all of us until we come...."
"That's right Billy....and then we all take care of the Football're going to love it!!!!

Good Morning

 Coffee in bed and an inspection....the start of a good day....