Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Few Minutes

"Here you go son, take this up to Mommy's bedroom and give it to Uncle Tyrone.....tell him that Mommy will be there in a little while to see what else he might need!"
"Okay Daddy....."

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sissy School - New Girl

None of the sissies knew her name yet but they were already sure that she was soon going to be the most popular girl in school!!!!

Monday ManCandy

There are so many good things we can say about our favorite treat....good for you.....tasty...fun.....and it warms your tummy on a cold winter morn!!!!
But it goes beyond all that.....it is the great leveler!!!!
We all love it equally and that may not be all we need, but it's something!!!
ManCandy!!!! Something everyone can agree on!!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sissy Pleasure

I don't know why she decided to do it for me...
I have done it for her so many times over the years....almost daily....
She picked up the hairbrush and instead of spanking me...she began brushing my hair...
She told me how pretty I was and how she loved me....how she loved that I was her "special girl"...how happy she was...
I just loved feeling that brush going through my hair and I realized just how nice it felt....
Her words in my ear were soothing and arousing at the same time and I'm sure that if she was to let me out of the cage I'd have cum in moments....and then I realized that would have ruined it....I laid my head back against her and listened to her soft voice as she stroked that brush a hundred times through my hair....it was just a perfect moment....one I'll remember for a long time!!!

Did She Say

"Did she say we could Kaaren?"
"She said we had to keep our hands off each others clits Leeanne but she didn't say anything about.....you know...."
"I guess we can then....if you want to?"
"If I want to?!?!?!? Oh my god Leeanne....I've been dreaming about it for years!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Daisys Story

"Yes I remember his parties, they were so lavish and so many people were there!!!"
"But he only had eyes for you Daisy"
"Yes I know....he was totally devoted to me....in fact I inherited his entire estate!"
"Imagine that man coming here and shooting him right in the heart!!! Right here on his own doorstep!!!"
"Well Jordan, that's not exactly what happened...."
"Why Daisy, what do you mean?"
"Well you know that man who shot him, George, he thought he was having an affair with his wife....I have to point out that there was no affair...but George thought there was, and so, when he shot him he aimed a bit lower than the heart...."
"Oh my....you mean he was shot....down there!!!!"
"Oh yes...."
"And that killed him?"
"Well not exactly...."
"Then what?"
"He didn't really die...."
"Oh Daisy, of course he did....I was one of the few people at his funeral!!!"
"No you were at A funeral but not HIS funeral...."
"Are you saying he survived....but you said he left all his worldly goods to you!!!"
"He was ruined by that gunshot....he could never be a man again...his doctor had a way that he could be saved and after they talked to me I thought it would be a wonderful solution!"
"What do you mean....what solution?"
"Well he was totally devoted to me already and he wanted to be close to me, he wanted to be my most intimate companion so I thought what better way than....becoming my maid!"
"Your maid!!! I don't believe it....let me get a closer look....Oh my god it is him It's Jay Gatsby!!!"
"He prefers Joanne now.....and as an added bonus he has become quite attentive to my needs in the boudoir too!!!"
""But you said he was ruined...."
"Oh Jordan....don't be so naive.....he's found that there's more ways to satisfy a woman than he knew before.....now I go to bed with a smile every night!!! He's really great at it.....now he really is the great Gatsby!!!!"

Force of Habit

As she pushed her cock inside me I gasped and moaned and opened my mouth for the other cock....