Sunday, July 5, 2020


I was getting dressed for her.....she liked the corset.....and I had pulled the laces as tight as I could....but then I picked up my book and in a moment I was another another life....
It took me a moment to realize she was calling me......I knew I had to put the book down but it was so good......
This was going to result in a spanking.....or maybe worse.....but I had to at least finish this chapter.....

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - CANCELLED

They told us that they may start allowing us to visit home as early as next week!!!!
If so I'd better get in some practice.....after all my wife's boyfriend is a little on the larger side....
Thankfully our Groundskeeper was more than willing to lend me a hand....well not a hand....but you know what I mean!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Saturday Matinee - All Roads

"I don't know what you want from me Mr. Diamond.....I've already told the police all that I know...."
" say that.....and you sound like you mean it....but I think you're lying!!!"
"I don't like to be called a liar Mr. Diamond.....I think you should leave now...."
"I don't think so Honey.....I've done some digging on you and before six months ago I can't find any records of birth drivers license.....nothing....."
"Honestly Mr. past is none of your business!!!"
"Honey, everything about you is my're wrapped up in this whole robbery....normally I wouldn't care, but the security guard that ended up dead was my brother.....and when a man's brother is killed he wants to do something about it...."
"Like I told the police......I had nothing to do with it....."
"That's what you said.....but all roads lead was your car that was used at the bank....."
"I had reported that my car had been stolen the night before the robbery...."
"And it was your gun they found at the was the murder weapon...."
"I had reported that to the police as being in my car when it was stolen...."
"Yeah....that's very convenient for you isn't it....but I've got a witness that says he saw the masked murderer get into the car....and I've found one of your neighbors who says they saw a tall blond get out of the car here after the robbery......and carry two bags into the what about it Honey?"
"Obviously they were mistaken...."
"You know what I think Honey.....I think you pulled off that robbery.....I think you pulled the trigger that killed my brother.....and I'm going to prove it...."
"You're mad....everyone knows it was a masked man who committed these crimes...."
"Yeah Honey......and I think that man is you!!!!"
She spun around quickly to run but she had no chance....the long gown and high heels made it easy for Dan Diamond to grab her....and he pulled her close and with one hand he quickly verified that this was no woman.....
"So Mr.'ve got me....take me in.....I won't fight you....but what are you doing!!!!"
Dan Diamond had not removed his fact he seemed to be enjoying himself....
"Oh no Honey.....I don't need the police just yet.....I might just give you a chance....maybe the two of us can reach an agreement...."
"But what about your brother?"
Dan wrapped his other arm around the stunning blond and let it wander over her....
"Oh yeah.....well....I never really liked him all that much anyway...."

Happy Independence Day 2020

She's having a bit of a rocky time right now but she's still looking good for 244years old...
Now I get confused....was I supposed to run the red, white and blue up the pole or was I supposed to run the pole up the red, white and blue?
Either way.....Happy birthday to the good old USofA.....

Friday, July 3, 2020


Remember how it just felt so....right....that this was something that had been missing and now that you found it you were never giving it up....
Maybe you tried to stop a few times....I know I did....but you always came back and slipped on that skirt or pulled up those panties....
My wife loved it right from the start and I can't believe even after all these years that I would have ever been so lucky.....
And it's funny still that she still thinks that she was the lucky one!!!!


No matter how busy you are there's always time for a healthy snack!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Before He Asked

She never shaved down there until one of her lovers suggested it to her.....and now keeping her soft and smooth is one of my most delightful jobs....
But I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy those little curly hairs tickling my nose....I still kind of miss it.....
Thank goodness most of her lovers aren't bare like this so I still get my nose tickled from time to time....