Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Lucky Starr and the Lost Planet of the Amazons

By the gods he couldn't believe his luck as he regained consciousness in the tangled wreck of his ship! He couldn't believe he had been lucky enough to survive!!! But luck had always been with him,,,,that's why they called him Commander Edward "Lucky" Starr!!!
He had braved so many hazards and taken so many outlandish risks and somehow a combination of skill and luck had seen him through!!!
Apparently this crash was no exception....the ship dropped out of hyperspace near an uncharted black hole whose massive gravitational pull had immediately grabbed hold and began pulling his ship toward it's horrible crushing center.....using every ounce of power his small one man ship could provide he pushed the ship as hard as it could go.....the titanic forces of the black hole against the power of his super fusion ion drive nearly ripped his ship apart....the struggle between the two forces went on for several minutes although to him it felt like hours....suddenly his ship broke free and the sudden massive acceleration had left him unconscious....with no one at the controls and with all power diverted to the engines his ship had been defenseless when the asteroid hit!
The crash had been terrible and the twisted metal that remained of his ship would never go to space again!
But he was alive and remarkably, except for a bump on his head, he was unhurt!!! He smiled at his luck and his smile broke into a wide grin when through the portal he saw two humanoid forms on the horizon hurrying toward the wreckage!!!
As they drew nearer he smiled, two women, human in form, and what form!!!! He just barely managed to budge the door of his ship when suddenly it was ripped open and he was seized by the two beauties!
"What is it Zara?"
"I think it's a male....but it's so small!"
"I am Commander Edward Starr of Planetary Confederation Space Patrol! What planet is this?"
"Oh my goddess speaks!"
"Obviously some type of unregulated Beta....probably trying to escape it's mistress.....we'll take it to the lab and have it corrected!"
"Wait!!! What are you talking about....I demand to be taken to your leader....I am a Commander of...."
One tap on his head and he was unconscious again!
"Yes we'll take it to the lab....I doubt that that this one has even been castrated yet...."
"Really! Why on earth would any of us want to breed with one so small and weak?"
"Who knows? People have some odd ideas about the breeding?"
"We'll take this one to the lab and before you know it he'll be back with his Mistress as her maidservant!!!"
It looked like his luck had run out.....


The first thing you have to do as a fluffer for your wife is to make sure you properly size up the situation!!!!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Now You're Ready

"Alright you're finally ready for Tyrone.....I'll give him a a little while!!!"


"You sissies behave promise there will be no shenanigans?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Alright then.....we'll be just downstairs with the girls if you need anything..."
"Okay dear..."
It wasn't more than a minute later that dresses were up and panties were off and as I sucked greedily on the sissy cock in front of me I heard the door open....than I heard the laughter....then I heard my wife....
"I told you....didn't I.....sluts....all of them....sissies are which one of you bet that it was going to be under 5 minutes....."
There was more laughter but all I could think of was this delightfully feminine cock in my mouth.....perfumed and perfect....I couldn't wait to taste her sweet sissy cream and I didn't care who was watching!!!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A New Idea

It had just been an offhand remark by Veronica but Betty glanced at the two boys and she was already picturing them in stockings and garters and frilly bras and panties!!!!
Both boys lusted after her and all she had to do was give them a little "special" attention and they would do anything for her.....
Reggie might be hard but Archie would be wearing a cute dress by tomorrow!!!
She got wet just thinking about it!!!!

It Never Gets Old

You spent a good part of your life looking at that pathetic tiny clit between your legs that you used to think was a cock!
Then you were amazed at what a real cock looked like....a real man sized cock....
Even though you've seen them by the dozen since then you're still surprised by each one....
It's not what you's what a man has and after all you're not much of a man anyway!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Most Little Girls

"You know Sissy....most little girls would get spanked if they let their dress ride up like that, showing their panties to everybody!"
"I'm sorry Ma'am....I didn't know!"
"That will be another 25 for lying Sissy....every girl knows that!!!"
"But I'm not really a girl Ma'am!!!"
"That's no excuse Sissy!!! Now come get over my knee!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"