Saturday, November 17, 2018

She Knows

She knows her Sissy husband listens at the door while she fucks her lovers and that just makes it so much better for her!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2018


"I told you when you joined the Girl Scouts that we had strict codes of conduct!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!! I'm sorry Ma'am!!!"
"Are you.....are you really? You went out to sell cookies and you end up selling blowjobs!!!! How do you think that makes us look?"
"I'm sorry Ma'am.....I won't do it again....but I raised over four thousand dollars!"
"Hmmmm.....four thousand dollars will cover a lot of our expenses......maybe we can look the other way this time...."
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"But you'd better be on your toes more incident like this and I'll send you back to the Boy Scouts!!!"
"Can I keep the uniform?

I'll Take It

The colors right and it's very pretty....I'll take it! No wait.....I'll get one for me too!
Why should my sissy husband get all the pretty bras!
I wonder if they have the matching panties in his size?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Favorite Student

I was always her favorite....
When I graduated she pulled me aside to give me my graduation present in person....
That was when I found out why her name was Sister Victor and she found out my name wasn't really Louise....
But I have to was a true religious experience!!!!

Not What I Was Expecting

"This isn't at all what I was expecting!!!"
"Well, when you brought him to us you said he had a problem with anger management and we addressed that problem in the best possible way!!!"
"By turning him into a sissy maid!!!!"
" he channels all of his repressed anger into providing service to his Mistress...he keeps house, does laundry, he'll even shine your shoes if you'd like!!!"
"But what about....our....intimate life...."
"Well we couldn't help but notice his diminutive we locked that away and focused all of his attention on providing oral his Mistress you can expect to have an orgasm any time you wish!!!"
"Anytime I wish?"
"Here's the key to his chastity cage....we recommend that you keep him locked at all times except for hygienic reasons....other than that enjoy yourself!!!"
"Thank you so much....I'm sure I will!!!!"

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hump Day

You're almost's Hump Day just have to keep driving forward!!!!

Wake Up Call

I woke him at 3am as he had asked me too and although I really don't sleep all that much it was early enough that I went back to my bed and drifted off into sissy dreamland!
I was having a wonderful dream about a man coming into my room while I slept and using my mouth for his pleasure and it was so real and so good I was afraid to open my eyes in case I ruined it!!!!
My dream man was so good that when I woke later I could actually taste his cum....maybe it wasn't all a dream....but either way it was wonderful!!!!!