Friday, December 2, 2016

For Gods Sake

"For gods sake get this right Sissy....table one gets the dessert in your right hand and table three gets the dessert in your left hand!!!!"
"Okay I've got is right hand and three is left hand....what about table two?"
"Can't you remember anything Sissy!!!! Table two is skipping dessert.....they all just want the blowjob!!!!"
"OK that's something I'm sure to remember!!!"

When I Fell In Love

The moment I fell in love with her?
There really wasn't just one moment.....but one moment does stand out....when she saw my little cockette for the first time....instead of the laughter I was so used to....she said it was cute....and she looked forward to it being a nice change for her.....and she meant it!!!!
If I had any doubts that I loved her before that.....they were gone now!!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Young Billy Was Not Happy

"Doesn't it feel nice Billy...the soft smooth material against you ....tell me feels so nice....doesn't it?"
"Yes feels so nice!!!!"
"And you like me stroking your little sissy clit.....don't you Billy?"
"Yes Auntie.....I love it!!!!"
"Love what Billy?"
"I love when you stroke me Auntie!!!!"
"When I strike what Billy? I want you to say it!!!!"
"I love it when you stroke my sissy clit Auntie!"
"Do you want to cum you want to shoot your sissy cum into your pretty nightie?"
"Yes please!!!!!"
"No....I don't think you're ready....let's wait a couple of days and we'll off to sleep with you......"
"It's so hard Auntie...."
"Do I need to get the ice Billy?"
"No Auntie....good night!!!!"


"He fucked me hard pussy is sore and full of his cum so I'll need you to lick it all up gently!!!!"
"I'll be as gentle as I can Ma'am!"
"I know you will Sissy I just wanted to warn you not to get too enthusiastic when you taste him!!!"

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Passing Through

It may have been a little rude to not offer him a seat, he was a guest after all, but he was only passing through on his way to our.....her bedroom and as much as I'd like to spend some time with his delightful cock in my mouth....he wasn't my date and she'd be waiting!!!


Whenever I play with my Barbies they always seem to wind up naked....while the Ken dolls seem to be wearing their dresses and end up tied in the corner....

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Eyes

"Look into my eyes Sissy.....I want to see your eyes when it happens...."
"What happens?"
"I want to look into your eyes and watch the moment that the last little shred of your masculinity disappears!!!"
"Oh my god......oh my god....."
"Now you're really my girl Sissy...."