Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday ManCandy

There are those school days where you just can't get everything done in time and still be there when the pink bus from the Sissy School comes to get you!!!!
Thank heaven that there always seems to be some local boys hanging around in the morning or you might have to start the morning without that creamy treat that gives you the energy to get through the day!!!
And as the days are getting cooler it becomes more and more important to have that warm little liquid treat heating your tummy!!!
ManCandy!!! It's not an elective, it's a requirement!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ready and Watching

Yes I knew he was ready for her....I was already savoring the drops of pre-cum as I sucked his nice cock....
Yes I knew she was watching.....I knew I was risking a spanking by not giving him up....but so far she hadn't said anything even though she must know that he was getting close....
Sometimes we were in sync like that.....sometimes she just wanted to watch him cum in my mouth just as much as I wanted it!!!!
She always told me that watching me suck her lover made her wet but watching me take a mouthful of hot cum almost made her cum too!!!!
A lick or a touch would be enough to get her there and she could get that from either of us as soon as I was done!!!!


They kept such a regular rhythm as he stroked in and out of her that it was almost hypnotic....I couldn't look away from it as I licked his balls.....

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Dying World

He had willingly undergone the total transformation before taking the time jump.....
He knew what was expected of him....
Back in these barbaric times males had not become feminized.....they were still completely curves.....just males!!!!
He knew the men became more and more sensitive they slowly became more feminine.....after several hundred years the worst part of males.....their aggressive personalities were gone.....but other things were also gone.....the sperm count of the average male had dropped to almost zero....those who were still viable were used as studs for only the richest women who carried their babies as a badge of honor!!!!
The population decline seemed like a good thing at first.....but soon it was clear that the human race was dying out....steps had to be taken....
Time travel moved to the forefront of scientific research....and soon it was within their grasp!!!
The first of the women who had traveled back returned pregnant and there was rejoicing that they had found a way to continue the species....
However there was a problem.....the vast amount of energy it took to send a woman back was unsustainable!!!!
They were stuck.....they needed to impregnate as many women as possible....but they could only send a few back....
Edwin Surrets was the scientist who first suggested using the sterile feminine males.....they could be transferred back and collect as much fertile sperm as they could and when they were full they could bring it back and it could impregnate hundreds of waiting women!!!!

He knew the history but with this randy caveman pawing at him he suddenly wasn't so thrilled with the whole idea.....but he knew he had to do his duty......and he laid back and hoped that this man from the past, practically a neanderthal as far as he was concerned, he hoped that he would be the father to thousands!!!!

Toy Story 5 - Toys in the Attic

When Andy cane home from college he was curious to see his old toys left up in the attic for years. He pulled open the hatch and slowly climbed the ladder, he thought he heard some rustling and thought that maybe there might be a few mice up here.

Inside the box tonight's orgy was going full blast as the perversions and wild sex they had developed a taste for were in full view!!! Their moans of lust had almost drowned out the sounds of Andy approaching. Just as he reached the box they all froze!

When Andy opened the box he looked at the scene inside for only a moment....shaking his head he closed it again!
"I don't remember doing that but I'm glad Mom didn't see it!"
As he reached the ladder he thought he heard that rustling sound again!!! He'd come back and put some traps up here tomorrow!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Are You Ready

"Are you ready Baby.....I told him you've been wearing my panties for the last few months and I think you're ready to suck a cock for me......he'll be out in a minute....are you ready Baby???"
"Yes Ma'am.....can I see who it is?"
"No Sweetie, I want you to wonder who it was that filled your mouth the first time!!!!
"Okay Sweetheart, you always know best!!!!"

A Lesson

She said she was going to teach me a lesson when she got home from her date....
She told me to be dressed appropriately....
I hope this is what she meant!!!!