Tuesday, September 19, 2017

He's Here

"Hey Cindy.....I need you to come over right now...."
"Okay....is your brother home?"
"Oh yeah Cindy, he's home and I think he's ready for you!"
"Really what did he say?"
"It's not so much what he said Cindy.....just hurry over..."
"I'll be right there...."
"Oh....and one more thing....bring an extra pair of panties with you,,,,"
"Extra panties?  What for?"
"For him to wear while he worships you of course!!!!"
"I'll be there in like 5 minutes!!!"
"He'll be waiting...."


"Just in case you still don't understand why you're in lingerie and chastity....I want you to get down on your knees and suck a real mans cock....that should clear it all up for you!!!"

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sissy School - First Year

Many of the first year sissies had never danced before and they were very nervous.....they had heard that the Madame was very strict.....they knew that many of them would leave the dance studio today with blazing red bottoms....and they all tried to hide their rock hard little clitties in their tutu's!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Well of course you had your special creamy treat before you left for work this morning...but there was all that traffic and your whole day slowed to a crawl!!!
You can already feel your extra energy fading and you're not even at work yet!!!
Oh no!!!! What are you going to do???
Luckily there are many service stations in most areas where you can....well....where you can fill up your tank and you'll be on the road again in no time!!!!
ManCandy!!! Fast and convenient...served fresh from the pump!!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Now You May

"Alright Sissy...now you may go to the bathroom.....remember to sit and leave the door open..."
"Yes Ma'am!"

Dive In

As she and her college roommate got reacquainted in our her bed I stood squirming....
I was grateful that they had allowed me to watch and at the same time I wished they had left me in the other room....
It was a wonderfully sexy thing to see my wife with another woman....she rarely had sex with women and it was even more rare when I was included in any way....but it was remarkably frustrating as my little clit strained and dripped in it's small plastic cage....my quiet groans were lost in the sounds of their lovemaking!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Kick the Can***

It was a place where the old came to die....Sunnyvale Rest was just the waiting room for the funeral parlor!!!
Charley watched the children playing outside in the soft summer air....running across the freshly mowed lawn....laughing and yelling as they played a game of Kick the Can!!!
He turned to his oldest friend Ben and pointed to them....
"Look at them Ben....do you remember when we ran and laughed like that?"
"Why don't they play at the school....I was trying to take a nap!!!"
"Ben....don't you remember.....when we were young....it was like magic....we really did have magic.....the world had magic....you just had to believe!!!!"
"Ha....what magic is there.....we're old and broken down....and we'll be gone soon....where's the magic in that Charley?"
"But maybe it doesn't have to be that way Ben....maybe we could capture it again....maybe the fountain of youth isn't a place....maybe it's the magic we felt then...."
"Go lie down Charley, you're talking crazy talk!"
"Maybe Ben....maybe not...."
Late that very night most of the residents managed to meet out by the large tree on the front lawn and Charley told them that he thought that this was the night....that the magic was here.....he could feel it....all they had to do was....
"Join me....I can't play Kick the Can by myself...."
All the men except Ben moved to join him and so did a couple of the women....but two of the women stayed with Ben
"Oh no Charley.....even when I was young I never played Kick the Can....it was far too rough for me.....does it have to be that game?" said one.
"Yes Charley. we used to skip rope when the boys played those rough games..."
"Yes!!! Then skip rope!!! Feel the magic of youth....forget everything else....become young again!!!"
The men scattered as best they could as Charley counted to 100 by 5's...
The ladies took an old red handled jump rope and began to slowly twirl it and step over it as Ben looked on scowling!!!
"You ladies are going to break a hip, I'm going to go get Mr.Cox....he'll put an end to all this nonsense!!!"
"Oh no Ben....why don't you join us for a couple of jumps....I believe I'm feeling better already...."
"Yes come on Ben....just a couple....please..." and her smile made her look young again!
"Well OK....just so I can catch you before you fall and break your neck!"
And the three of them jumped together....slowly at first....then faster as those roughhousing boys ran nearby....and they laughed and giggled as all young girls do on soft summer nights like this...

*** I borrowed liberally from Rod Serling's Twilight Zone episode of the same name for this one....if you're not familiar with it, it was Season 3 Episode 21 first aired on February 9, 1962


"Why? Because I want you to....that's why!!!!"

Friday, September 15, 2017

Lost A Bet

"Are you sure that this is just because you lost a bet...I mean..." his young cousin Nora asked
"Nora!", her father interrupted, "He says he lost a bet so he lost a bet! No man would want to dress up like that! Let's not embarrass him any more!"
Young Nora said no more, but when no one was looking she slid her hand up under his dress and when she felt his hard little cock in those tight ruffled panties she knew the truth!!!
As she pulled her hand out she made eye contact with his wife who was smiling at her!
"We're making some bets on this weekends football games Nora....maybe you'd like to join us?"
"Oh yes! I think I'd like that very much!"
He wasn't sure if it was possible for him to blush more than he was right now!!!!

Can't Sleep

"Sissy, I can't sleep.....come to bed...."
"I'll be there in a couple of minutes Sweetheart....can I get you anything?"
"Yes.....bring me a glass of water and a bottle of lube...."
"Yes Ma'am....right away!!!!"

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Do You Remember

Do you remember that first time you took it all.....it probably wasn't anything like this but this is how I like to remember it....I try not to think about all the gagging and spitting...but that was then.....now I'm much more practiced.....and I can take most but not all!!!! Kind of like this....

It All Comes Together

I needed to finish my morning exercises....
She needed to cum....
We both needed to shower....
It's really nice when it all comes together like that....

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

No More Talking

She is a corporate executive....she makes and breaks people every day.....she knows when it's time to talk and when it's time to act....and when she decides she doesn't hesitate as I have learned very well!!!!

Yes Ma'am

"Yes Ma'am I am out of uniform...."
"Give me a good reason why I shouldn't blister your backside right now Sissy!!!"
"I thought it would amuse you and your guest to see me like this while I served your tea!"
She turned to the man next to her in our her bed....
"What do you think.....are you amused?"
"Oh hell yes!!!"
"Alright Sissy....this time.....but remember for next time you must ask permission!"
"Yes Ma'am...thank you Ma'am!"

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I Want To Be

I look at this picture and I know which one of them I'd like to trade places with!!!
I'd want to be the one that was saying how fantastic you are!!!
I'd want to be the one that was saying....deeper....harder....
I'd want to be the one that was being driven mad ....
I'd want to be the one that was saying I'm going to cum....
But I wouldn't be saying any of those things because I really want to be the one that has her mouth filled with his cock and you can't talk with your mouth full!!!!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Slumber Party

"There....over there.....you see that light that just came on?"
"Duh....Joanie....I'm not blind.....so what about it?"
"That means the show will start soon....you're not going to believe it!!!!"
"What? What's going to happen?"
"Alright you all have to promise to keep this a secret....just between us....OK?"
"Yeah OK!"
"OK....but what's the secret?"
"You're not going to believe this.....you all know Bobby Jordan?"
"The dreamy guy in the Senior class? Oh yeah he's been in my dreams since he transferred into our school...."
"Yeah we all know him so what?"
"That's his house and that light just came on in his bedroom that's what!!!!"
"So have you ever seen him get ready for bed?"
"You won't believe what I've seen!!!"
"Tell us!!!"
"What did you see???"
"Did he take his clothes off?"
"Alright I'll tell you....but remember it's a secret OK?"
"Alright.....soon you'll see anyway.....every night he goes into his bedroom and strips naked...."
"Oh wow....can we see that?"
"Yes....but that's not all.....after he's naked he plays with himself!!!"
"You mean he...."
"Yes he plays with his thing until it's all big and stiff...."
"Oh my god.....do you think he'll do that tonight.....do you think we'll be able to see that???"
"Yes....he never pulls down the shades.....but that's not all he does...."
"Don't tease.....what else?"
"He dresses in girls underwear......and he....I don't know....he kind of pretends to be a girl.....and after a little while he takes out his thing and he strokes it until it squirts!!!!"
"No!!! I don't believe it!!!!"
"Me neither...."
"I'd have to see it to believe it...."
"Just watch....he always puts the bra on first then stands in front of the window..."
"Do you think he knows you're watching?"
"I don't think so.....at least he hasn't closed his curtains or pulled the shades.....and he does it every single night....at first I thought he was just some pervo-weirdo but he really looks cute in those pink undies....oh look....here he comes...."
"Oh.....oh...he's wearing a bra!!!!"
"Look at him wiggle his hips!!!!"
"Look at that hard thing!!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

You could have bacon and eggs but who wants all that fat and cholesterol!!!
You could have cereal but you don't need all that sugar!!!!
You could have oatmeal but....yuck....just yuck!!!!
You need something warm and thick to slide over your taste buds....to slip down into your hungry tummy....to fill you without all the junk....you just want something good....something that gets your eyes open without artificial preservatives or colors!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's the orgasmic organic alternative!!!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Again Sissy!!!! Every time you come home I catch you with my boyfriends cock in your mouth!!!! What do you have to say for yourself you little slut?"
Well I really couldn't answer....my mouth was full....
"Just as I thought....you have no excuse.....well finish him off if you like because I've already called the school and the pink bus is on the way to pick you up!!!!"

In That Instant

When her boyfriend opened the door and saw her fucking another man she wasn't sure how he'd react....
He was stunned and angry....but she looked so damned hot taking that big cock....his little man poked out the front of his pants and he stepped back and shut the door just a bit....he still wanted to see this show!!!!
She almost instantly knew that this is the way she wanted her life to be....she loved her boyfriend with all her heart but she needed something he couldn't give to satisfy her....she needed a big cock to fill her and make her cum...she needed him to be her cuckold....and from the look on his face he needed it too!!!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Abducted

When he saw the results he was filled with rage!!!!
"What have you done?!?! This is not what I wanted at all!!!"
"I know but the species had such delightful features, as I made changes I just seemed to lose track...."
"Where's the fur? Where's the ears? Dammit where's the cute tail?"
"I'll tell you what....I'll pay you for this one and you bring me another and I'll customize it for free.....however you'd like it.....extra big ears at no extra charge....."
"Hmmm....you know I love those big ears....I like to wrap them around me and....."
"Ahem....yes I get the picture....so do we have a deal?"
"I guess so, I know just the place to look for another one....it's funny....no matter how many of them I take they never seem to believe the witnesses....or the ones I reject and put back....."
"They are primitives aren't they.....but they're just perfect for transformations....their DNA double helix is really simple to manipulate!!!"
All the while Nelson slept.....his last memory was of a bright flash of light in the sky....with no idea of how his life had changed.....

Isn't It Wonderful

Isn't it wonderful to feel her getting wet....to feel the heat of her arousal rising....to know that you can still make her hot.....to know that even as a sissy in chastity.....you can still make her cum.....

Friday, September 8, 2017


Her date paused on our front porch to enjoy the show.....

It Used To Be

Honestly....this used to be one of my least favorite things to do....a last little bit of the male ego perhaps....
How many times did I put my tongue into female assholes......who can count that high?
But she told me that I needed to listen....not just see or feel or taste or touch....I needed to listen.....and she was so right....the noises that came from these men were amazing!!!!
From giggles to groans I owned these men.....all the while my tongue was there....they were my slaves and I could do whatever I wanted.....

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Good Show

Since he was always staring the secretaries decided to give the boss a good look just this once!!!
"Oh my god Lauren....those are real beauties!!!!"
"Thanks Boss!"
"And Erin....my beautiful Irish rose.....just lovely!!!"
"Thank you sir!!!"
"Oh my goodness....Molly I never guessed what you had hidden....Marvelous!!!"
"Glad you like them Boss!"
"But John you're the biggest surprise of them all I mean I knew about the dresses but this is just....wow I'm speechless!!!"
"I just got them Boss....come give them a sniff they've still got that new Boobs smell!"


Yes I have to admit that sometimes fluffing her lovers gets a little out of control....sometimes they're just a little too eager for that first one....it's really useless to fight it so you have to start concentrating on getting him hard again before she starts wondering what's taking so long....but really when you think it over the worst case scenario is you get a tasty mouthful and a spanking....doesn't sound that bad to me!!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sissy School - Entrance Exams

The entrance exams for Sissy School had become much more rigorous lately but it didn't slow down the number of applicants at all!!!! In fact there were more applicants than ever...

Modern Times - Sissy Training

In the old days sissy training was a long exhaustive ordeal....hours spent fucking your new little bitch until your hips ached.....but no more!!!
The modern Mistress relaxes and catches up on her reading while her sissy learns that all his pleasure comes from being fucked!!!
Isn't technology wonderful!!!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Questions and Answers

"Sissy your wife's pussy is beautiful....I'm going to enjoy fucking her....does it bother you that I can take these liberties with your wife?"
Oh hell....another psychologist wannabe...
"No sir.....if it's what she wants then it's what I want!!!"
"Really Sissy?"
Of course really.....
"Yes Sir!"
"She really wants me to fuck her so you also want me to fuck her, is that right?"
"Yes sir!"
"Then say it Sissy.....tell me you want me to fuck your wife!"
Oh...like you're going to leave if I don't say it....do you really think that this bothers me at this point....
"Please sir, would you please fuck my wife....she wants you very much....and you can give her the pleasure that I can't...."
"Well Sissy....since you put it so nicely....I will fuck your beautiful wife and I want you to watch!!!"
Yeah, yeah, yeah....let's cut the gab and get on with it!!!!
"Yes sir....thank you sir!"

What An Honor!!!!

OMG What an honor!!!!
I can't believe I finally got accepted!!!!!

Monday, September 4, 2017

All She Would Say

All she would say was that it was someone I had known for a long time....

Monday ManCandy - Holiday Edition

It's Labor Day here in the good old US of A and that means a national holiday for most of us!!!! No work today!!!
But that doesn't mean you have nothing to do.....it's the unofficial last day of summer and people will be flocking to the beaches and parks for that last party before putting the summer things away till next year!!!!
So you'll still need to start the day right.....yes you can sleep a little later but you'll still have to get up and get busy and you'll want that high energy shot that you always count on so much....coating your tongue and warming your tummy it's the perfect companion to the barbecue and salads you'll enjoy today!!!
ManCandy!!! Today you don't need it....today you just want it!!!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

After Her Workout

She used to be a little reluctant to allow me to pleasure her after her workout...but honestly I loved it.....she was extra tasty......

Cuddling Together

They settled down on the couch and cuddled together....kissing and touching....it was a very intimate scene as I watched from across the room on my knees!!!!
My wife was gasping as his lips found "that" spot on her neck and his fingers slipped inside her pretty pink panties....while her hand wrapped itself around the enormous bulge in his pants....
Watching the slow motion seduction of my wife unfold right in front of me....just made me want to join them....
My wife suddenly caught my eye.....
"Poor Sissy.....only a rubber cock for you.....why don't you show us how well you can suck it.....then maybe....just maybe....he'll let you suck his tonight!!!!"
I was humiliated and so turned on....I'd show them....I'd show them both what a good cocksucker I was....and maybe I'd get a little taste of him later...

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Secret Agent

So that was the Russian plan!!!! He had to get out of here tonight....he had to let the Allies know what those commies were up to before all of Europe was engulfed in another war!!!!
It was almost funny that he hadn't been discovered yet....the MI6 scientists had told him that the feminization formula was in the lipstick and that he needed to refresh it frequently....and as a bonus he had started to see signs of the formula working on that bastard Volkoff....he was the worst of them....Stalin junior they called him behind his back....so far he had settled for....well just say he hadn't ventured further than those red lips!!!!
It had to be tonight for more than one reason....they had warned him about continued exposure to the formula and he had already noted serious changes in his body that he prayed were reversible!!!!
He would go tonight.....there would be several guards he'd have to pass and he might have to get on his knees a few times but it was a small price to pay to save the world from another conflagration....he would....suck it up as the Yanks said and hope that he hadn't already stayed undercover too long!!!!

Movie Night

"There you go Sissy, let me just grab the remote and I'll start the movie! I can't wait...I've really wanted to see this one....!"

Friday, September 1, 2017

Ass to Mouth

He pulled out of her beautiful ass and he was planning on going right to her sweet pussy!!!!
Oh no, no, no....you're not sticking that dirty cock in her without cleaning it first....that's what I'm here for.....it'll only take a couple of minutes!!!!

No Dear...

"No Dear that just won't do...."
"We didn't bring you two here just to watch you lay there next to each other...."
"Not at all Sissy.....why don't you two start out with a nice kiss!!!!"
The two looked at each other in horror....their wives were really going to do this to them!!!!
"Yes a nice kiss....show us some real sissy passion...."
"And then I want to watch you two make love!!!!"
The sissies looked at each other and then at the cages that held their little clittys so securely...
"But Darling....the cage...."
"Yes Dear.....how could we do that with these cages...."
They thought they had made a point....they actually thought their wives would relent....
"You two have to stop worrying about those useless little things...."
"That's right sissy boys....you have fingers don't you?"
"And lips and tongues?"
"So get busy...."
"Yes we want to watch the show!!!!"
Defeated the sissies turned to each other.....