Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Sissy Cucks Life

A lot of what we do together has become routine.....
I make her breakfast before she leaves for work....
I make sure the house is clean and dinner is waiting when she gets home....
I kneel down and politely ask her dates to please fuck my wife and she fucks them....
Her lover fills her up....

 And I empty her out.....

Routine....but always delightful!!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


You should be mindful of what you face when you travel....
"Alright Sir.....what is that?"
"Ummmm....that's called a chastity cage...."
"And what is it for?"
"'s to make sure that I don't get any unauthorized erections...."
"I see it has a padlock....could you please remove the device for inspection?"
" see.....about that.....I.....ummmm....I don't have the key to remove it...."
"You don't have the key to remove the device that's locked onto your genitals?"
"No I don' there somewhere more private we could go....people are staring!!!"
"Who has the key Sir?"
"My wife has one of them and her personal assistant has the other...."
"So two women have the keys to the device that prevents you from having that right Sir?"
"Yes!!! Can we please go somewhere else....please,,,,"
"Did you put the device on yourself or did someone else out it on you?"
"My wife put it on me.....please....maybe I could talk to your supervisor?"
"That's all right Sir you may are cleared to board!!!"
"Thank god!!!"
"But I want you to know that I am required to notify all of the flight attendants that you have something unusual in your pants and you must submit to their inspection at any point during the flight!!!"
"Oh my god!!!!"
"Have a nice flight Sir!!!!"

Breakfast In Bed

I love to serve her breakfast in bed and sometimes, when she's feeling generous, she returns the favor!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017


Her big brother didn't seem so big now....when he stepped out onto the patio in her other bikini she couldn't help but laugh!!!!
He blushed a delightful shade of red....
"Please don't make me do this!!!"
"I thought you'd enjoy it you big looked like you were enjoying wearing my panties when I took your picture!!!!"
"Please....I'll never do it again....please!!!!"
"Bro, you just sit in that lounge chair and work on your tan....till I say you're done!"
She laughed again....with his fair skin his tan lines would mark him as a sissy for the rest of the summer whether he liked it or not!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Just like a typical man you try to ignore what you need in spite of how obvious it is! She sees it....the lack of energy, the bad attitude, the morning blahs....thankfully she knows just what you need to get you off your knees and back on your feet!!!!
As you feel that warm creamy treat sliding down toward your belly you know that today won't be just another will be special and that warm glow inside will remind you all day of how special!!!!
ManCandy!!! She knows it's what you needed.... now get it every morning!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017


It may not be the best time for silks and satins but there is still pleasure to be had in just slipping on a light cotton dress....without undies it sometimes feels as if you're not wearing anything!!!!

Any Last Words

"Well Sissy? Any last words before I take the last little shred of your manhood away from you forever?"

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Tentacles

"Get back.....I'll protect you from this monster!!!!"
"It's not a monster, we're in love!!!!"
"It's twisted your's done this before.....we've followed a trail of bodies through this quadrant.....they were all in love too...."
"I don't believe you.....what we have is real....tell him my love....tell him that you love me...."

"So you've caught up with took you long enough.....I suppose there's a reward for my capture?"
"Dead or alive.....and I intend to collect it....."

" love....what is this....."
"Just shut up Jaxphurl,  you poor sap, I almost had it all.....damned space patrol!!!!"
"Do you have your holo-transform gem with you  now......why not let this poor bastard see the man he's been putting his tentacles into!!!"
"No.....let him remember me in this form.....this is what he dreamed of and so this is what I gave him...."

"But I need her!!!"
"Jaxphurl my friend.....go home and be grateful I caught this monster before it was too late for's not the woman you may not even be a human at all.....but I know that no matter how much it made your tentacles tingle it was only your wealth it was after!!!!"

I Like This

"Oh yes Sissy....I like this....I like this very much...."
Me too too....

Friday, August 11, 2017

Honestly you really think I'd be wearing my superhero undies if I knew I'd be sucking his cock?
I'm so embarrassed....I mean....I'm not a little girl after all....but it's the funniest thing....he didn't seem to notice and as soon as she came back I rushed out....maybe he didn't notice....I don't know....then I think that it really wasn't that long ago that I'd be embarrassed just for sucking his cock.....
My how times change....

She Stirs

She stirs as I enter our her bedroom.....the sun is softly filtering through the blinds as I move to wake her....
She's still wearing the pretty lingerie she used in her seduction of her lover last night although now it's a little worse for wear.....
I start a nice bath for her....a shower just won't do on a morning like this....
I help her undress.....there are so many stains and spots.....I would hand wash it all this morning and put it out to would all be fresh and back in her drawer by the time she got home tonight....
I help her bathe until she waves me away.....she wants some private time.....perhaps remembering what happened with him just a few hours ago....her hand reached down between her thighs and she seemed surprised that it was so tender.....
I rushed to fix her a nice breakfast.....something hearty and down to earth....fried eggs....bacon....grits with gobs of butter.....unhealthy, sure it's unhealthy but the smile and delight it brought when she sat down was worth it!!!!
In a moment she'll be dressed and gone....and I'll have my breakfast....and then I'll start my day....

Thursday, August 10, 2017


"Sissy!!!!! Sissy, come here I'm going to check my e-mail....."
Oh god how I loved when she checked her e-mail.....
"Hurry Sissy!"
I'm crawling as fast as I can!!!!!


"These are hers....these are mine....hers....mine...mine...mine....mine....maybe hers but probably mine.....mine....hers.....mine...mine....mine...."
I'm going to have to start washing our lingerie separately.....we're the same size and it's becoming harder and harder to sort them out.....

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

She Got Hers....

.....and now I get reward is to share in her pleasure....

All Of It

That's my special girl take it all....every inch.....if you're going to be a cocksucking sissy slut then you're going to be the best cocksucking sissy slut that I can make you into!!!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Of course he's hard already....he was hard before I helped undress him....he was hard before I put him in my mouth.....he was hard as he was just about to fuck my wife....but I'm a thorough fluffer and I'll make sure he's hard until he's inside her....or until she chases me away....whichever comes first!!!!

I Try And I Try

I try my best....but it still gets hard....just all the time....I know I'm not allowed to cum....I'm not allowed to touch it....and certainly not allowed to stroke it....I didn't know what to do about it....she told me that she was going to put me in chastity so that I couldn't get hard unless she wanted me to....I was so relieved I cried while I thanked her....

Monday, August 7, 2017

Their Lair

He had finally infiltrated their lair, cleverly disguised as a "Sorority" house!!!! Now all he had to do was wait.....soon all would be revealed
Maybe he was not as well known as Superman or Batman but his unique power had afforded him many victories....
When you need to know what evil the girls are hiding the call goes out to UpskirtMan!!!

Monday ManCandy

The rain had stopped but it was still unusually cool for a summer morning....
The air smelled so fresh....that delightful soft scent of a summer if the world itself was sighing as the heat was, at least temporarily, defeated....
Thankfully you still had plenty of time to get to the office....more than enough time....
One of the best things about working in a busy metropolitan area is the ready availability of street vendors....there is something available for just about every when you need the creamy breakfast treat you love so much you can find it on almost any street corner....
ManCandy!!!! A street treat that satisfies!!!!


Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Bench

She returned to the bench every day....this was the last place she had seen her body...the thief was running from her leaving her trapped in this female body.....before she could make herself understand what had happened he was gone ....
She came back every day....maybe one day she would see the thief was so unlikely....but maybe....
Weeks turned into months....months turned into years....she had applied herself and built a business empire....she had acquired wealth beyond her wildest dreams....and as a bonus she had crushed the little business she had run as a man before her life had changed so radically....before that man had left her on this bench that day so long ago....
Then one day he appeared....she almost didn't recognize her former self....thin and gaunt....grizzled and gray before his time.....
"I'm sorry...." he said.
"You should be....why haven't you moved on....stolen someone elses life?"
"I can't....unless I'm in your body....I can give you your life back....swap with me and you'll never see me again...."
"You must be mad!!!! Swap with you....for that broken down old mans body....I don't think so!!!!"
"Then why are you here? You must have been looking for me...."
"I was hoping to see you again, that's true.....but not in the way you think....I wanted to see you again to thank you....getting this body was the best thing that ever happened to me....I love being a woman.....multiple orgasms baby....what's not to love...."
"I could just take it back....all I have to do is touch you....wouldn't you like to be yourself again?"
"Yes, I know you could.....that's why I never come here security men will assure that we never meet again....."
"But I....."
"Goodbye Dear man.....I'd stay but I have a hot date tonight!!!!"

Special Girl

She came home from her date a little tipsy and a little disheveled....she'd obviously had a good time....
When she sat in my lap and kissed me I could taste him on her lips....
Where she sat I could feel the wet spot growing....her pretty panties were gone....maybe he had them....
"Kiss me, you're my special sweet Sissy....I need you....I love you...."
I walked her to our her bedroom and helped her to bed....
"You're my special special...."
And then she was asleep....
There would be no cleanups or extra orgasms for her this time but I promised myself I would make up for it tomorrow!!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Evolution

"Be careful Mara, they still have males on this world!"
"They have males mean loose in the wild!!!"
"Believe it or not they're dominant here!!!!"
"Holy could it be?"
"It doesn't matter....we need to bring an acceptable virile specimen back with us....unfortunately we need their seed to assure the next generation..."
"What do you suppose happens to them after they've been used?"
"Honestly Mara....however did you graduate to the corps without knowing basic biology....of course they're taken and transformed into females....what other use could we possibly have for one of them...."
"Have you ever seen one of them? I mean with their....what do you call it....pepis, pebis, whatever....have you ever seen one!!!"
"Yes Mara, I was stationed at a breeding station and I saw so many of them....most of them are nothing much...but occasionally there was one that was just...."
"Just what?"
"Hush Mara.....I hear our target coming...."


The scent of his cologne and sex clings to her as she slips into my Sissy bedroom....she smiles at me and pulls me close and kisses me sharing the creamy mouthful she has, so thoughtfully, brought for me!!!!
We pass the salty treat back and forth before I swallow, and I want to thank her but I'm not going to stop kissing her anytime soon....
We both giggle like little girls when we hear him start to snore in our her bedroom....I was a little sad that there would be no more treats tonight....then she pressed me down.....i slipped below the sheets and kissed her lower and found that she had fooled me....there was another treat waiting for me and I slipped my tongue inside her and savored the mixed flavors.....

Friday, August 4, 2017

Dinner Is Served

"Dinner is served Kaaren, I hope you like it....I've spent all afternoon slaving over a big cock....just for you!!!"
"Sweetheart, it's my favorite meal anytime but with the added's the best!!!"

Some Help

I may have needed some help but I'll sleep well knowing that, just this once, I fucked her and left her completely satisfied.....tomorrow she'd show me exactly how it felt!!!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sissy Training - Pleasing Her

Every man wants to please his woman sexually....even a sissy understands this....and if it gives her pleasure to watch you suck her lovers cock then that's what you'll do....and you'll thank them both for the privilege!!!!

Just A Bra

"Honestly's just a bra for gods sake....can't you control yourself for five minutes.....get your hand out of your panties....I said to tuck it not spend all morning with it.....and you wonder why I keep that little nuisance caged...."

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

She Laughs at First

She laughs at first at my look of desperation and discomfort as her fingers slide over her divine sex....
"Do you like what you see Sissy...."
All I can do is moan pitifully and nod my head as my eyes are riveted to her!!!
"It's too bad your little clit is in its cage Sissy....ooooh!"
Kneeling and watching her as her hand is soon covered in her sweet juices....what is there for me to mouth is watering and I know my clit is dripping sissy tears...
Soon her eyes closed and I am forgotten as she brings herself to one glorious orgasm after another....who knows what fantasy is playing through her mind....
When she finishes....when she lays back breathless...her sweet pussy glistening....she opens her eyes and sees me.....suffering at the foot of the knees aching but not as much as my caged clit....she smiles and slowly licks her fingers clean while all I can do is groan....
She rolls over onto her side.....
"Goodnight Sissy!!! Sleep well!"
I wish her goodnight but I doubt I'll sleep well....if I sleep at all!!!!!

Back Then

She agreed not to humiliate me by making me wear panties that first time....however the cage and cleanup was not negotiable.....and I'm so glad they weren't!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Just Remember

"Just remember Sissy....once you've got his cock between your lips he'll forget everything don't worry too much about your dress or your makeup or your hair...I guarantee you that your mouth is the only thing he's thinking about....if he's thinking at all!!!!"

Her Panty Drawer

A big mix of all colors, fabrics and styles....enough to keep a sissy husband coming back to check almost every day....and there's her big black dildo that.....oh wait.....this is my panty drawer.....never mind....

Monday, July 31, 2017

My Birthday

I don't like it when she makes a fuss about my birthday.....really...I'm happy with just the two of us and maybe a nice bottle of champagne....a good meal and a nice hard cock to suck.....
I've given up on being released from chastity for my birthday years ago.....still maybe...

Monday ManCandy

"Good morning Sissy.....Happy Birthday!!!"
"Is that....."
"Yes it is's all for you!!!!!"
"This is the best birthday ever!!!"
"Enjoy it Sissy....."
ManCandy!!!! The only gift you'll always remember!!!!"

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Lazy Sunday

After a hectic week and a busy Saturday....there's nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon!!!
You can just relax and enjoy yourself without all the hurry-up of the week....

Would I

Would I kiss him on the lips like this....
Isn't that a little crazy.....
Probably....but my whole life has been a little you think he won't let me suck his cock if I won't kiss him???
Let's ask the men out there.....would you let me suck your big, hard, throbbing cock if I didn't kiss you first???

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Rest Home

Thomas Allen had what some would call a nervous breakdown.....his wife and business partner quickly checked him into Dr. Sanderson's Sanitarium for treatment!
"Doctor Sanderson...I feel like I'm changing.....I'm becoming someone else....I don't know how or why!!!!"
"Take it easy Mr. Allen, what makes you think you're changing?"
"Why.....just look at me...."
"You're looking perfectly fine to me Mr. Allen....what do you think Nurse Kelly?"
"Oh yes Doctor, perfectly normal!"
"But I woke up this morning and before I knew it I had slipped on these stockings....and these heels....and the garterbelt....and oh my....what's to become of me!!!"
"You're having delusions Mr. Allen, you need another injection of my special will put your mind at ease and help you understand that any changes are all in your mind!!!"
"I guess so.....does my wife agree with this....what does Veta Louise say...."
"She and Judge Gaffney both agree that this is for the best Mr. Allen...."
"Well if they all agree.....are you sure these women's things are all just my own hallucinations?"
"Absolutely Mr. Allen, and one or two more injections and I promise you it will all be perfectly normal for you!"
"Thank you so much Doctor, and you too Nurse Kelly!"
"Alright Mr, Allen please slip off your robe.....and we'll begin....and afterwards Nurse Kelly will take you back to your room and pick out something nice for you to wear, your wife and the Judge are coming by to have you sign some papers and I know you'll want to look very pretty for them!"
"Very pretty Doctor?"
"Oops I'm sorry, I meant very handsome!"

Just Another Night

Just a night at home for us....

Friday, July 28, 2017


I reached out with all my other senses but I still couldn't tell who he was....
He didn't make a sound....all I could hear was my moans as he nearly split me open on his big cock!!!! And I could hear her.....gasping.....I assumed she had her fingers busy on her clit.....
She was nearby.....her perfume was unmistakable....
She whispered in my ear
"You know him see him all the time....."
I was almost tempted to pull off the blindfold then....
But I didn't.....and now....every man I know might have been the man that fucked me like a sissy whore while my wife gives me a certain humility whenever I meet a man I know....
Did he mean something by that.....
What did that smile mean....
What did he mean about getting together again soon....
I wasn't fucked by A man I knew.....I was fucked by EVERY man I knew!!!!

Body Hair

Here is a rare area of dispute between my sweet wife and me...
She actually likes body hair on men....she says it's part of the masculine image and she loves to fuck a strong masculine man!!!
I, personally, like smooth skin....I don't enjoy picking hair out from between my teeth after he leaves!!!
I'll fluff him for her....and I won't complain....but I wish he'd ask me to shave him rather than sucking his cock....I'd really enjoy that more!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Can't Wait

"I can't wait to see what you're hiding under here...."
"I think you'll love them Baby....I certainly do....they're new!!!!"
"I can't wait till you see what I'm hiding under my skirt for you too...."
"Oh yeah Baby....I'll bet it's so pretty!!!"
"Yeah and it's probably bigger than yours..."
"Kiss me Baby....I want you right now....."
"I guess....alright....."

Lets Put Aside

Alright....lets put aside all the lace and frills.....lets put aside the plugs and cages....lets put all of my sissy life aside for a moment and consider this....
I spent my entire post-pubescent life jerking off using my thumb and forefinger....not because I liked it that way but because that was all I could fit in my hand when I was erect....
So when I have a magnificent cock like this in my hand I really don't consider him and me to share any common may say male on all my official documents but I find it really hard to believe that we're both the same sex!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sissy Training - Commitment

It's not just about wearing pretty clothes and makeup have to love it...

You have to take it all Sissy....that's what I call commitment!!!!

Before Leaving

Before she leaves in the morning she always makes sure I have all I need to prepare for my day....
"There you go run along and bring me your cage and we'll get you all safely locked away!!!"
"Yes Ma'am! Thank you Ma'am!"

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Will There Be Anything Else

"Will there be anything else Ma'am?"
"Oh yes, there will be so much else....go to the bedroom and wait for me....I have to make a few calls!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
Her husband walked away with a sweet swish of his hips as she tried to decide which one of her boyfriends should take his cherry!!!!

I Can't Believe It

"I still can't believe you got my brother to do all this!!!"
"You said he was a Sissy...."
"Well yeah but.....but I really didn't expect this...."
"Honey we're just getting started...."

Monday, July 24, 2017


Yes, you do look pretty cute in my black panties.....
But that doesn't mean you have permission to wear them!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Sometimes it doesn't happen right away.....sometimes it takes a minute or two!!!!
Yes it's the absolute best way to wake up on a Monday morning but sometimes it's so good that you think it's just part of  a beautiful dream!!!!
But as it slides into your belly....your body's nervous system comes alive in joy!!! Pleasure washes over you and your eyes pop open!!!! You're ready to face another week!!!
ManCandy!!! It's the stuff that dreams are made from!!!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017


After having a discussion about my love of petticoats on the wonderful  Married Sissy and His Wife blog I brought it up with my sweet wife....
She thought it over and decided that it would be fun if we both put on our pretty petti's and dresses and had an old fashioned tea party....
She enjoyed it so much that she told me next time she'd like to invite all of her girlfriends and tell them all how it was all my idea....
You know this point....that's okay with me!!!!