Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Village of the Damned

It had been just another day in the small town of Midwich when suddenly everyone and everything fell asleep.....people and animals dropped wherever they were....there was no explanation how it had happened...or why!
When they awoke several hours later it was found that every woman of childbearing age was pregnant and they all gave birth to blond babies with strange eyes!!!
As the children grew it became apparent that they had strange mental powers and could make other people bend to their will....
MI5 in London had been following the phenomenon closely and had found that other groups of children with similar powers had been born in various other locations at the same time!!!
A group born to Inuit Indians in northern Alaska had been deemed to be demonic based solely on their appearance and had been put to death as infants...
A group of 10 infants born in Australia all died within 10 hours from unknown causes....
Even more disturbing was the report that the Soviet Union had used an atomic bomb to wipe out every trace of the small Siberian village that had been the home of another group of the strange blond children...
Professor Gordon Zellaby and his wife were parents to one of these children and he pleaded for his sons life....
"Allow me to study them.....perhaps this is an evolutionary step for mankind....we could be exterminating our future!"
Granting him time to study the children the Prime Minister reminded him that evolution hadn't been kind to the Neanderthals!!!
Professor Zellaby set up a workshop where he could meet with the children and study them....and after a time even he came to fear them...
Anyone who upset them seemed to meet a sudden bad end at their own hands...many died as the children's powers continued to grow stronger....even more disturbing was that they seemed to have the ability to change matter as well as minds to be more to their liking....
Desperate and terrified by their abilities Professor Zellaby hatched a plot to kill them with a bomb hidden in his briefcase....all he had to do was keep them from seeing his thoughts until it was too late....
The children tried but could not break down the wall Zellaby had erected to shield his thoughts until the last minute and as they scrambled for escape the bomb detonated, killing Zellaby and almost all of the children....
Three of the boys had survived and in their anger had wreaked havoc on the village....they made changes to minds and bodies at their whim!!!
The villagers that survived had become nothing more than playthings for the boys!!!
One day the villagers looked out and saw that the boys had learned to change themselves and they tried not to stare but their eyes were drawn to the blond children as they walked through the town....
The local men were overcome with lust beyond all measure!!!! The local women too!!!
But as the children stopped and stared around them their eyes began to glow as their powers reached out and molded them into their new selves.....the men had become desirable women!!! The women had become insatiable men!!!
In London the agents at MI5 watched it all via the satellite feed as the town began to tear itself apart.....then with growing terror they watched as the three blond girls turned their gaze skyward, Slowly the agents began to lose control as they fed the satellite feed to the international media satellites and the world began to change!!!!

My Turn

He fucked her hard....he made my wife moan and scream and cum over and over and over while I knelt and watched....
I envied him as he fucked her.....I wondered if he envied me as I licked up all his sweet cream and now it was my turn to make her moan and scream and cum over and over and over while he watched.....

Friday, December 15, 2017

Sweet Dreams

"Hi Leeanne you're looking very pretty today!"

"Kaaren....I've got a secret...."
"What is it Sweetie?"
"I found the key!!!"
"The key!!!! Oh my god....."
"Do you want to...."
"It's all I've wanted since we met...."

"That's nice but I want you too...."
"Just use the key Kaaren!!!"

"Oh Leeanne, it's adorable, it's just what I dreamed of...."

"It's all I ever dreamed of...."
"Dreamed of....."

"Kaaren.....wake're dreaming of Leeanne again.....I'm starting to get jealous!"
"Sorry Sweetheart, go back to sleep..."


Why do I wear a bra under my nightie?
Because I can!!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Don't Disappointment Me

"Don't disappointment me Sissy.....I like him and I want to fuck him, so be good!"
"Yes Ma'am...I'll try my best!!"
"Don't just try Sissy.....hand him his dessert and then get down on your knees and suck his cock...."
"Yes Ma'am....I'll suck his cock after I hand him the plate...."
"Very good Sissy....but don't you dare let him cum in your mouth....I want him hard  and ready for me!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Her Dreams

She slips into Sissy's bedroom before quiet as she can be considering....
"Is there something wrong Sweetheart?" Sissy asks still half asleep...
"No Sissy, I was dreaming about you and I need you now....I'm so ready to fuck!!!"
"Really!!! You were dreaming about fucking me!!! I'm flattered!!!"
"I don't care about flattery Sissy, just get those heels up because I'm going to fuck you hard and deep!"
"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!!!"

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


"Look closer Sissy, I just wanted to prove to you that you don't have a cock.....this is a cock.....this can satisfy a woman.....what do we call that little thing between your legs?"
" clitty...."
"And it's barely big enough for that Sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am!"

Sissy Training - Baby Steps

"That's right Sissy....look at it.....your hands are filled with a man's cum.....feel it....smell dip your tongue in it and taste it.....good lick it all time it doesn't go in your time it goes in your mouth....won't that be nice....a hard cock spurting into your mouth.....I can hardly wait to see it, what about you Sissy....I bet you can't wait either!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I can't wait!"
"Well then why wait? Lick up his cum and then get busy sucking that cock!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Kitchen

He was fucking my wife on the kitchen counter while I knelt next to them!!! This gave me the perfect view of that huge cock spreading her so wide as she gasped and moaned....but while he was fucking her his eyes were locked on me....I couldn't read the look on his face....was he smiling or was he smirking.....and what was he going to think when I leaned in to lick up all his creamy cum from her sweet little pussy!!!

Monday, December 11, 2017


"There you go Sissy, now you have the prettiest mouth in town....all the boys are going to want you to suck their cocks with your beautiful red lips.....what do you say Sissy?"
"I can't wait!!!!"
"You are such a Sissy slut....."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Oh yes it's that good!!! Your mouth is full of warm creamy goodness and you have to take a moment to just savor it!!! Roll it about over your tongue and really just enjoy it!
Yes you know it's healthy and packed full of the protein that you need for your active day....but all you can think of is how good it is and as soon as you swallow it you're going to go back and get the rest!!!
ManCandy!!! It may not be the best flavor on earth but it's close!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Exam

"Pull your panties down and bend over the table please Sissy...."
"Do I have to pull my panties down Doctor?"
"It's all part of the exam please put your wrist into the handcuff Sissy...."
"Do I have to be handcuffed Doctor?"
"It's all part of the exam please lift your ass up Sissy...."
" I have to be spanked too Doctor??"
"It's all part of the exam Sissy....I like to warm up a sissy's bottom to get you ready for the internal exam...."
"Oh are you going to fuck me Doctor?"
"It's all part of the exam Sissy...."
"But you're a dentist...."
"And a damned thorough one too Sissy now try to relax...."
"Yes Doctor......OH YES Doctor!!!!"

Idle Fingers

I watched as her fingers slowly began to move over her panties....slowly at first as if she wasn't paying attention.....then a little more deliberately as she rubbed herself a little more earnestly....I heard her little gasps as she hit that spot that I know so well!!!
"Would you like me to do anything for you Sweetheart?"
"No Sissy, you just stay on your knees right there and watch....don't you dare look away!!!"
I smiled....look away? As if I could!!!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Big Plans

"Yeah it was a damned shame I had to pull the trigger....but he was gonna ruin the sweetest deal I ever had! Gimme a light and I'll tell you about it...."

"I was always low level....a nobody....not even considered a soldier....I was more of a mob hanger-on....they kept me around to run errands and things....but I had plans....I wanted to be on top!!!"
"I found a doc that would do what I wanted for a price and I didn't have that kind of cash but Big Paulie I told him what I wanted and what I wanted it for and I promised I would make it worth his while....Big Paulie was ambitious too and he agreed to give me the money...."
"So there I was....a few months later.....looking like the hottest dame on Broadway and getting everyone's attention....I knew them all and not a one of them recognized me as I made my way into their circle with my eye set on the Boss, Frankie Martin!"
"Soon I was on his arm and everyone backed one messed with Frankie's girl....I was learning how the organization worked from top to bottom....and planning my takeover!"
"Sure I had to do things no guy should ever have to do but I just closed my eyes and did was the only way my plan would work! Big Paulie would pull me aside and complain....he wanted me for himself....he said he'd paid for me so he owned me...."
"This went on for awhile until finally Big Paulie could take no more....he came to claim me at Frankie's office....they fought and it ended with Frankie on the floor with a couple of slugs in him...."
"I wasn't ready to take over yet, Paulie became the new boss and he took me as his prize!!! And again I did some things I'm pretty ashamed of but I was getting used to it now!"
"Soon the time was right.....I had a few of the guys lined up to back me....they didn't like Paulie and they wouldn't miss him...."
"I waited to catch him off guard and when the time came I was kind of sorry....he had taken me to dinner and back at his place I thought it was just gonna be another night of....well of things.....but he surprised me and got down on his knees and pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him!"
"He was talking about going away together, starting over, little house in the country with a white picket fence, maybe adopt a couple of kids...."
"Had he forgotten who I was, why I had done this???"
"I agreed to be his bride and as he slipped the ring on my finger I reached for my revolver and blew his brains out..."
"I wanted to be the Boss and finally I had done it.....I was the Boss!"
"So now you know the story Lieutenant, yeah I killed him and I wish I was sorry but I'm take me down to Headquarters and I'll sign the confession...."
"No, I don't think so," the Lieutenant stubbed out his cigarette, "who would believe a story like that!"
"You're right Lieutenant....I barely believe it myself!!!"


As he pulled me toward his hard cock my mouth opened to take him in....honestly he didn't really need the leash I'm pretty well trained!!!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

What's Better

What could be better than wearing a pretty pair of panties and a matching bra?
When she reaches around behind you and unsnaps your bra and you whimper just a bit as her fingers find your stiff little nipples....that's better!!!!


He was just finishing his makeup when he heard the front door slam...
"Hi Honey, I'm home!" his wife called out.
OMG!!! She's early!!! He felt a wave of panic come over him!!!! What if she caught him like could he explain it to her???
Moments later the bedroom door swung open and there she was....her eyes wide as she looked at him in his pretty lingerie, wig and makeup!!!
He could see she was angry....he tried to think of something to say but his mouth was suddenly dry and no words would come!!!
Finally she spoke...
"So what have you been doing all day, little boyfriend will be here for dinner any minute and you're not even finished dressing yet!!! You are in big trouble my girl....if I had time I'd put you over my knee right now but it'll have to wait till after you get your dress on and you get downstairs and wait by the door to greet my boyfriend when he arrives and god help you if that doorbell rings before you're ready!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Thursday, December 7, 2017


"You understand that the little thing between your legs is useless to me....I need a real man-sized cock to satisfy let's see how well you do with this one..."

You Would Too

If you had it right there in your hand you would suck it too....don't try to deny it....

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


It started out slowly as we both grew to understand my need to submit to her....she was uneasy at first....she didn't really understand that I was giving her complete control over me.....
She grew into her role as the dominant person in our marriage and as her career flourished and mine floundered it was obvious that the traditional roles had reversed and it felt right for both of us!!!!
Now the girl who used to be so tentative about giving me a task to do has become the woman who expects  me to perform without her having to ask!!!!
She loves me and I love her and we complement each other....the more she exercises her dominance, the more submissive I become!!!!


"You'd better hurry Sissy, the next boat is due in at any minute!!!"

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

When She Said

When she said that she wanted to see my mouth full tonight while I drooled over that big black thing between my red lips....well this isn't what I thought she meant!!!!!

The Cuckolds Place

"You see Honey, I told you it's not husband just wants to make sure you're hard and well lubricated so you can fuck me because he loves fact he loves me so much that after you cum he'll lick you and me clean and then suck you until you're ready to go again!!!! He loves me so much he'll keep doing it all night long!!!"

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday ManCandy

Although I am reluctant to say it I have to admit in some cases ManCandy isn't enough to get you going!!! Some need some additional stimulation to face the coming week!!! But if you'll notice the ManCandy had to come first!!!
ManCandy!!! The energy to start the day or at least enough to start the start of the day!!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Ride

"Kaaren, how would you like to go for a ride this afternoon?"
"Sure Sweetheart, where do you want to go?"
"Well it's kind of cold out so I was thinking we'd just go for a few laps around the basement!!!"
"That's so thoughtful of you Sweetheart!!!"
"Of course Sissy, you know I'm always thinking of you first!"
"Thank you Sweetheart!"
"Let's saddle up Sweetie...."


I watched as he reached up under her dress and began to rub her already glistening pussy....I heard her small gasp as he slipped his finger inside her and begin slowly stroking in and out of her wet slippery was like I was hypnotized as I watched this man handle my wife in the most intimate way and when I finally looked up I saw that they were both watching me....and they were both was only then that I realized I had been rubbing the silky crotch of my panties all the while!!!!
I blushed but I didn't stop....neither did they....

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Big Man on Campus

"But Rod, this fur must have cost a shouldn't have!"
"Nothings too good for you Baby!!!"
"Oh Rod....who would have thought that I'd end up in furs and jewels!!! And that I'd be with the Big Man on Campus!!!"
"You mean the biggest man on campus don't you?"
"Oh you're so're making me blush!!! But you're the biggest by far and I should know!!!"
"What do you say....let's go for a spin in my new car?"
"Oh Rod!!! A new car too!!! You just have it all!!!"
"I owe it all to you Honey!!!"
"Oh no. I didn't do anything special!"
"Are you kidding me? The way you caught that pass one handed....we wouldn't have beaten State and won the championship if it hadn't been for you Johnny!!!"
"I just wanted to make you happy Rod...."
"Let's can show me what a good wide receiver you are!!!!"
"Oh Rod stop're such a bad boy.....let's go!!!!"

I Told You

"You see Sissy....I told you....a little makeup and a pretty dress and he'd be more than happy to let you suck his cock even if you are my husband!!!"

Friday, December 1, 2017

Moved In

When her little brother moved in she told her roommates that it would be good to have a man around to help around the house....
They quickly discovered that he wasn't much as a man but he certainly was helpful around the house!!!!


"Wait a second Sissy...what did you say was the secret ingredient in your sauce?"
"Tony from across the street..."
"You mean you got him to...into the sauce Sissy!!!"
"Don't you like it?"
"I love it Sissy! I'd have more but I see you've already eaten the rest!"
"I'n sorry sweetie but I love it too! Next time I'll have Tony pump out a double batch for me!"


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sissy School - Are You Sure

"Please Nurse....are you sure that this is the way to do as proper prostate examination?"
"Of course....once the doctorhas demonstrated on him, you sissies can all have a turn!!!!"

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


"Do you like it?"
"Oh yes, it's very pretty!"
"And the lace is so beautiful too, don't you think?"
"Oh yes, it's very beautiful!"
"And it's so smooth and soft and feels wonderful against my skin!"
"Yes I love it...."
"I'm glad you do because I bought you one for you to wear for me...."
"But.....I don't...."
"Except your is a lovely pink!"
"But I shouldn't...."
"And after we shave off all that nasty body hair you'll love how it feels against your smooth skin!"
"But I...."
"And you'll have all the beautiful lace that you like so much!!!"
"I can...."
"Do you want it?"
"Oh my god yes!!!"
"I thought so.....Sissy!!!"

Oh Yes

Oh yes!!!! Oh my god!!!!! Oh yesssssss! Thank you.....thank you....oh my god yes...thank you!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Long Lines

"We don't care how long the line is Sissy you'll have to wait like the rest of the girls and you'd better remember to sit when you go!!!!"
But we had to go so panties already had a few drops in them and I was afraid that if I wet myself she'd put me in diapers....again!!!!
So we risked spankings for disobeying and using the mens room but we did obey her orders to sit....maybe that will earn us a lighter punishment!!!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Down in The Basement

Down in the basement Ken discovered why Barbie called this her Dream house!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You know that sluggish feeling you have at the beginning of the week?
Think how much worse it would be if you were in space.....the crew of the International Space Station are together for months at a time and they seldom get a day off and even if they do....well, where are they going to go?
And that special early morning treat.....well it is a compact serving of high protein....but it can be so awkward in a zero gravity environment where any little drops tend to just hang around!!!!
NASA has begun experimenting with a new delivery system for our astronauts to get their favorite breakfast without any waste and our Russian comrades are more than happy to help out!!!!
Everyone has high hopes for the success of the new program!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's so good it'll put you in orbit!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl we all wore training bras as we started to mature!!!! I never dreamed that one day I'd marry a sissy and that every bra he wore would be his training bra!!!
I never dreamed it but I love it!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Her Regular Order

"Hello children!!!! How are you today?"
"Fine Mr.Milkman!!!! Are you coming in to visit Mummy today....she's so looking forward to seeing you!!!"
"Yes children, I have a few more deliveries to make and then I'll be back to help your Mummy with her condition!"
"Oh that would be wonderful, she's been complaining about her aches...she says that only you can help her!!!!!"
"Oh yes Mr. Milkman, whenever you come by she's always ever so happy afterwards!!!!"
"I understand children, I'll try to the way how's your Daddy doing these days?"
"Oh Daddy has changed so much....he never goes to work anymore.....he's lost his big belly but his chest has gotten big!!!! Bigger than Mummy's and his bottom too!!!! He hasn't been out to the Barber in ages and his hair is as long as a lady's!!!!"
"Really, that sounds serious...."
"Mummy has started putting her lip rouge and face powder on him because she thought he looked so pale....we're so worried that he might be dying.....but Mummy has had a lot of doctors in to see him....sometimes two or three a night....and they all leave smiling so maybe it's not so serious after all...."
"I'm sure he'll be fine children, no need for you to worry....just in case here let me give you an extra bottle of the special cream your Mummy orders special for'll help speed up his....ummmm....his recovery!"
"Oh thank you Mr. Milkman....we'll be sure to give it to Mummy!!!"
"Make sure you do children....and remember it's for grown men only....don't either of you rascals take even a sip!!!
"No Sir....we won't!"
"And make sure you tell Mummy that I'll be back in a little while....tell her that I'd like to spend a little time checking on your Daddy too!!!"
"Yes Sir! We'll tell her right away!!!"
"Very good children, I'll be back shortly....I might stay the night....would you like that?"
"Oh yes Mr. Milkman!!!!"
"Run along now...."

It Starts Off

It starts off as just a bath.....she likes a nice hot scented bath after a long session with her lover.....she loves to lay back and let the warm water sooth her sweet pussy....sometimes it"s so tender after one of her men gives her a marathon session....she loves her bath and I love kneeling and bathing her.....I kiss her to let her know how much I love her and I slip my hands all over her body until she directs my hand to where she wants it most....I'm always so careful not to hurt her....but I always make her cum....and afterwards I dry her and powder her and dress her in her silky nightie....and I cuddle next to her....spooning her.....she likes to feel my little cage against her bottom.....and I"ll hold her till she falls asleep....and sooner or later I'll sleep too....

Friday, November 24, 2017


I'm not sure how it started.....I think maybe it was when my wife was bragging about what a talented cocksucker she had trained me to be!!!!
Her assistant Stacy laughed and said she'd been sucking cocks for her boyfriends since she was fifteen and had certainly developed more skill than I had!!!
My wife was not to be outdone and explained that she'd been sucking cocks from the time she was thirteen and being older than Stacy she certainly had more experience and was almost certainly the better of the two!!!!
Finally I joined in and pointed out that, although my wife had taught me in the beginning, I had a unique insight into what men liked most in a blow job....I meant of course, that of the three of us, I was the only one who had ever been on the receiving end  of one!!!
We all had a laugh and I went back to my duties and they went back to reviewing the contracts that Stacy had brought from the office....
I didn't give it another thought till Stacy showed up with three big guys and said it was time to settle this once and for all.....First one to get a mouthful wins!!!!
I said that's not how you decide a real time could be a fluke....and so we agreed that it would be the first to reach three mouthfuls of creamy cum would be the winner....
The guys were eager but I can honestly say they were slowing a bit by the time we began round four!!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

The turkey is in the oven and everything else is prepared and ready to serve so I can take a few minutes to wish all my Sweet Readers a Happy Thanksgiving from all if us in the good old US of A!!!!
My wife is waiting for me to show her how thankful I am for her too and it's something I can have before dinner that won't ruin my fact the more I have the more I want!!!!
Love to you all, all around the world!!!
Time to eat!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

All You Want

"Stroke it all you want Baby.....but just're here to fuck me...not just watch me fuck my sissy husband...."

Stop Worrying

Stop worrying Sissy, you have such a cute girly ass that you should show it more often!!!!
It wasn't so much worry as it was that cold autumn breeze!!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

So Close

She leaned over me.....the key so close....
"He's got such a big cock Sissy!!!! It fills me completely!!!! And he fucks me a man should!!!! Not like you Sissy....his dick stays hard long enough to get inside stays hard....till I cum....over and'll see when he gets here Sissy....I want you to get on your knees and suck his big cock while I watch.....I want you to thank him for fucking me......I want you to humiliate yourself in front of him.....what do you have to say about that Sissy?"
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"That's exactly the right answer Sissy!!!!"

A Little Color

"There now Sissy, that's you have a little color in your cheeks!!!"

Monday, November 20, 2017

Something New For My Analyst

It had been a while since my last visit to my analyst and Dr. Mentia was a little surprised to see me!
"So Kaaren, is there anything new you'd like to discuss during this session?"
"No, I can't really think of anything....whatever you think is always best!"
"Really Kaaren??? You really can't think of any new desires or fetishes that have recently popped up? Nothing comes to mind?"
"Oh you mean....."
"Well it is a little obvious...."
"Well I'm loyal, faithful, loving and obedient so I guess it's only natural that I......"
"....become a puppy Kaaren?"
"Oh no Dr. Dee....not a puppy....not a puppy at all!!!!"
"Well then.....what is....."
"Oh no Dr. Dee if I was a puppy I'd be peeing on your floor and humping your leg!!!"
"Don't even think about it Kaaren!!!"
"But Dr. Dee, with legs like yours it's hard to think of anything else...."
She pushed the button on the intercom....
"Do you still have today's newspaper?"
"Yes Doctor..."
"Roll it up and bring it in....I think I'm going to need it!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

There are those school days where you just can't get everything done in time and still be there when the pink bus from the Sissy School comes to get you!!!!
Thank heaven that there always seems to be some local boys hanging around in the morning or you might have to start the morning without that creamy treat that gives you the energy to get through the day!!!
And as the days are getting cooler it becomes more and more important to have that warm little liquid treat heating your tummy!!!
ManCandy!!! It's not an elective, it's a requirement!!!