Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I Can't Believe It

"I still can't believe you got my brother to do all this!!!"
"You said he was a Sissy...."
"Well yeah but.....but I really didn't expect this...."
"Honey we're just getting started...."

Monday, July 24, 2017


Yes, you do look pretty cute in my black panties.....
But that doesn't mean you have permission to wear them!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Sometimes it doesn't happen right away.....sometimes it takes a minute or two!!!!
Yes it's the absolute best way to wake up on a Monday morning but sometimes it's so good that you think it's just part of  a beautiful dream!!!!
But as it slides into your belly....your body's nervous system comes alive in joy!!! Pleasure washes over you and your eyes pop open!!!! You're ready to face another week!!!
ManCandy!!! It's the stuff that dreams are made from!!!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017


After having a discussion about my love of petticoats on the wonderful  Married Sissy and His Wife blog I brought it up with my sweet wife....
She thought it over and decided that it would be fun if we both put on our pretty petti's and dresses and had an old fashioned tea party....
She enjoyed it so much that she told me next time she'd like to invite all of her girlfriends and tell them all how it was all my idea....
You know what.....at this point....that's okay with me!!!!


"Alright Sissy....I'll send them in one at a time....in between I'll come in and lube you up....there are about six guys here and a few more said they were coming....are you sure this is what you want to do?"
"I've had a gangbang fantasy since forever Sweetheart...."
"You're really sure?"
"Yes Sweetheart, thank you for doing this for me!!!"
"You are such a slut Sissy!!!"
"But you love me anyway?"
"Of course I love you anyway!!!"

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 10 - The Asylum

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6 
part 7 
part 8 
part 9

He awoke in a padded room...they must have thought he was mad!!!! It all came flooding back to him....
A pleasant afternoon at home with Susie had somehow turned into a nightmare from hell as she drugged him and he found himself totally unable to move or speak....she ranted at him about Claire Robinson....how she had discovered the affair, how she was going to put an end to it, how he had to be punished....he remembered the machine....it manipulated his body...making him into a woman.....and the last thing he heard as the machine began to manipulate his mind was his friend Bobby's voice downstairs!!!
Poor Bobby, he didn't deserve what she did to him....she had even made him help her enslave his best friend....and the depravity that followed made him cringe ....
But all of that paled when he thought of what they had done to poor Claire....she was a sweet and caring woman....far from the seductress that Susie appeared to think she was!!!
In fact it had been he who had pursued Claire....there was just something so special about her....he thought maybe he was in love with her....and he wanted to tell Susie but the time never seemed right....but none of that excused making her into an animal....and making her the focal point of every punishment she decided was necessary!!!!
And then one day men came and put him in a box....like he was merchandise....and delivered him to his new "master"!!!! He was used and abused constantly and the worst of it was he remembered begging for more!!!!
Slowly his memories came back....first as short flashes and then slowly coming more and more....he knew who he was again....his body was changing back too but much, much slower than he had regained his mind!!! His "Master" continued to use him for his own, and his guests, depraved sexual acts....but now he had planned an escape...after a night in the woods and a day of running with the sound of dogs always close by he found himself in a small town and he burst into the local hospital.....he was confused. exhausted, traumatized by what had happened to him and they thought he was crazy!!!
He awoke in the padded room....straitjacketed and gagged.....how could he tell them if they kept him gagged like this!!!! How could he warn them about Susie and that infernal machine!!!
The door opened and a burly orderly stepped in....
"Good morning James, heh, that's a funny name for a pretty girl like you! We got a hit on your fingerprints and you'll be happy to know that we've contacted your wife, I guess you're one of those gay marriages I've read about....anyway you'll be happy to know that she's on her way to pick you up and she's real eager to take you home!!!"
He shook his head and tried to speak through the gag but the orderly didn't understand...
"Would you like me to remove the gag Sweetheart....I will but you'll have to do something for me too!!!"
He nodded his head....so what if he had to do it again....after he had done so many one more in his mouth was nothing....just as long as he got to tell him about Susie afterwards....to warn them....to beg them not to let her take him....


He was wearing a condom!!!!
I was robbed....robbed of the cuckolds reward!!!!
Still I put her pleasure ahead of any of my concerns.....how was I to know....I mean she never said....
After I removed the condom from his rapidly deflating cock....and licked off the stray drop or two....she took it from me and poured it into my mouth giving me the full load!!!!
So thoughtful....so caring....is it any wonder that I love her with all my heart!!!!

Friday, July 21, 2017

That First Time

I remember she wore a dress just like this and had the hairband too...
She was the first girl that ever gave ME a blowjob....but there were a couple of key differences...
First I wasn't then, and I'm still not anywhere near that big....in fact she thought it was cute that I was so small and she enjoyed being able to take me completely into her mouth without getting a sore jaw or throat...
Second I wouldn't have lasted as long as it took you to read this.....
And I don't think that most boys wished like I did that they could try on the dress.....

He Laughed at Me

One of her lovers....I can honestly say I never particularly cared for him...he wasn't nice...anyway....as he was leaving he kissed her....
"Call me again Baby when you want to have a real man make you cum!!!"
After she closed the door she hugged me and kissed me and told me that he and I had a lot in common...
"He's an arrogant prick and he'll never cum inside me ever again....and  you're a tiny dicked sissy and....well...neither will you!!! Come on now....come to bed with me and make me cum like only you can!!!"
Well...I guess I'm at least biologically still a real man....and I've made her cum thousands and thousands of times so he can just kiss my ass!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Just Lately

I don't know why but lately when she releases me for hygienic reasons she always asks me if I really want to be caged for her...
Of course I do and I've assured her of this over and over....
But she hands me the lock and I have to click it shut....to prove it to her....
I think it's just a game she's playing with me because the smile on her face when she hears that lock click shut is just something close to pure joy!!!!
It's not enough that I submit to her, she likes me to tell her how I want to submit to her...and prove it by locking myself in the cage for her!!!
And I love that smile!!!!

Let The Boy Alone

"I can't believe my brother is such a sissy!!!"
"Yeah babe I was real surprised when we walked in and found him!"
"I might not have even recognized him except he was wearing my favorite dress!!!"
"And he looked pretty good in it too!!!"
"I'd never have believed he'd agree to suck your cock too!!!"
"And he's pretty damned good at it too, hell I'll bet he even swallows!!!"
"Yeah but maybe it's too much...maybe we should let him stop!!!"
"You want to get down there and take his place Babe?"
"Ewww that's gross!!!"
"Then just let the boy alone Babe, he knows what he's doing....maybe tomorrow we can all go out somewhere...just the three of us?"
"I won't be here tomorrow, sorry..."
"Well then I guess it's just me and your brother then....we'll miss you....can you loan him some of that red lipstick you wear....."

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Can't Get Enough

Oh god how I love it.....every chance I get I fill my mouth with it....it tastes sooooo good!!!
I love to swirl it around in my mouth.....getting that full creamy flavor....and when I swallow I almost always want more!!! Feeling it on my lips and even if a little dribbles down my chin.....I just can't get enough!!!
Just come here Baby....stand right here...and pass me that sweet milk from the refrigerator!!! I want it all!!!!

A Couple of Dozen

"Alright, pick up a few dozen and distribute them to the altar boys!"
"Yes Father."
"Tell them I want them to wear a different color each day!"
"Yes Father."
"Tell them I'll be checking!"
"Yes Father."
"Oh and pick up a nice assortment in my size and have them sent to the rectory...."
"Yes Father, should I get you the matching bras too?"
"That's good thinking.....you're going to go far!!!!"
"It's my pleasure Father....will you bless me Father?"
"For gods sake....not here.....wait till we get back to our rooms!!!!"

Sissy Victory!!!

It seems that calmer and far less prudish minds have prevailed and Google+ has lifted my suspension....in fact we're getting along so much better now...
As you can see we're the absolute best of friends now.....I even used a little extra lube so they'd enjoy our renewed relationship that much more....

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

She Knows How To Seal A Deal

"You don't want too...but why....didn't we have fun last time?"

"Of course I had Sissy in the bed with us....is that a problem?"

"Really....you feel that strongly about it?"

"So if I promise that Sissy won't be in bed with us you'll come over?"

"Why are you laughing???"

"Hell yes I'm horny.....and I want that great big cock of yours like right now!!!"

"Okay I promise, just you and me in the bed...."

"Yeah Baby, me too....see you soon!"

"Well Sissy it looks like it's the floor for you this time...."
"Yes Ma'am!"


"Watch closely Sissy.....watch him fuck my tight ass.....and remember Sissy.....when he's done with me....he's fucking your tight little ass next....think about that while you're watching!!!!"

Monday, July 17, 2017

Thought Crime

Well boys and girls, the Google+ Thought Police have suspended my G+ account because I may have posted "pornographic" content!!!
If you have ever read my G+ postings I think you'll agree that, at most, my posts over there would earn an "R" rating. I'm very careful to not post anything that could be considered as porn there because that's how I lost my original G+ account on my original Blog.
I've asked for a review and am hopeful that whoever looks at the account isn't some kind of puritan lunatic but you never know!!!
Maybe we can work this out....
Please Google+ I'll be a good girl from now on I promise...

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl my friends and I were always careful when we wore short dresses and skirts....we didn't want to accidentally let any of the boys see our panties!!!
I never dreamed that one day I'd marry a Sissy who loved to wear short dresses and skirts  and especially loved letting everyone see his panties!!!! I never dreamed it but I love it!!!

Monday ManCandy

It really wasn't fair....if she had only been able to get what she needed....what she craved she would never have become so cranky!!!! But in all the land of Oz her choice was so limited....
The Munchkins were useless....
The witches were all women....
Lions. Scarecrows and Tin men....no thanks
Flying moneys......ick!
The only source was the Wizard and he was keeping it all for himself....although she thought maybe Glinda was getting some too!!!!
ManCandy !!!! You too might feel a little wicked too if you don't get what you need!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Blind Luck

I couldn't see what was happening but I knew that one way or another my sissy reward was coming soon!!!!

Price of Popularity

My wife, unlike me, had a lot of friends and a big family. That meant she was included in a lot of bridal parties over the years and so she had amassed quite a collection of bridesmaid dresses!
Luckily she kept them all in good shape because I loved to wear them....she would laugh when she saw me in them and tell me how awful the dress was but.....I would always end up on my knees between her thighs whenever I wore one....I think she liked the frou-frou just as much as I did!!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday Matinee - A Letter Home

Dear Mom,
Everything here is wonderful and I hope you and Dad and everybody are OK too!
I arrived in the City and was a little overwhelmed at how crowded and busy it was here but I quickly located a nice rooming house and set out the very next day to look for a job. The first three places had nothing that would suit me but the fourth company was different.
You know Mom, they never asked me about my education or training or anything....two women came in and spoke to me and asked me questions that seemed like nonsense to me but I must have answered correctly  because they smiled and said they would recommend me to the Boss!!!
Shortly afterward a man came in and introduced himself, and guess what!!! He wasn't just the Boss, he was the owner of the company!!! You'd just die if I told you who he was but I had to sign a thing called a Nondisclosure Agreement so I can't tell you his name or the name of the company, sorry!
Well he sat and we talked and he offered me a drink and you know I'm not much of a drinker and after I finished it I was feeling a little woozy so he offered to take me home!
I gave him my address and he helped me into the elevator and would you believe it...there was a big black limousine waiting with a real chauffeur and all!!!
Instead of the rooming house he took me to his penthouse and it was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen.
He had a maid too!!! He told her that I wasn't feeling well and to help me into bed.
The maid tool my hand and led me into one of the most fantastic bedrooms I've ever seen...I think it might be the size of our whole house...and she quickly started to undress me and you know how shy I am but she was determined and soon she had me stripped bare!!! I know you're surprised but it wasn't anything nasty or like that because she quickly gave me a robe to wear and it was really fancy and made of real silk and came down all the way to the floor so I was glad I was covered up at least although the maid didn't even seem to notice! By this time my head was spinning and I thought I might faint.
The maid helped me to the bed and wouldn't you know it, quick as a wink she had that robe off me again and she slipped a fancy silk nightdress over my head...I tried to say this couldn't be for me but I just had to lie down and before I knew it I was asleep in that great big bed!!!
I had some crazy dreams about things happening all around me that I couldn't see and when I finally woke up I realized I must have slept all the way through to the next day!
When I sat up I felt funny but I guess you'd feel funny too waking up in a silk nightdress in a strange house....but my new Boss was right there and he was smiling!!!
He told me that I was working out far better than he'd hoped and I guess I blushed a little. Then he offered me another drink and I wanted to say no but my throat was so dry that I took it and drained it in a single gulp. It left me a little light-headed but when he asked if I'd like another I said yes...I guess I'm turning into a big city sophisticate after all!
Then he suggested I write this letter to you all to let you know I was safe and sound.
Give my love to all

PS Don't bother with sending any of my stuff from home...I'm moving in here with the Boss and he says I will absolutely not be needing any of my boy stuff, he says there are big changes in my future and he'll get me everything I'll need!!!


Best Part

They may have enjoyed their dinner at the fancy restaurant, and then dancing at the club till all hours!
But to me this is the best part of her date night!!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

No More Practice

"Holy Shit!!!! What's going on!!!"
"I'll tell you what's going on!!! I'm fucking my sissy bitch husband so he won't be going to ball practice with you today!!!"
"I don't understand....Bobby why are you..."
"His name is Sissy Bitch now!" she slapped his ass, "Isn't that right Sissy Bitch?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"And what will you be wearing from now on Sissy Bitch?"
"Your panties Ma'am!"
"That's right. until we can fill your drawers with your own panties!!!! And what else will you be wearing?"
"That thing ...."
Another thrust and a hard slap on his ass...
"It's called a chastity cage....from now on when it comes to fucking you're on the receiving end, right Sissy Bitch?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
Turning back to his astonished friends she smiled....
"So you boys can go to practice if you want....or if you want you can each take a turn with Sissy Bitch....that'd be alright with you Sissy Bitch wouldn't it?"
"Awww isn't that cute the sissy is saying please....so what do you say boys....I'll tell you what....anybody that fucks Sissy Bitch gets to fuck me later while he watches!!!"
The three looked at each other...
"Well it looks like practice is cancelled...."
She laughed and thrust even harder while her sissy just moaned....

But Baby

"But Baby....your husband is right there watching!"
"Do you mind if he watches?"
"Well...I suppose not..."
"That's good because I love it when he watches!"
"Damn girl....then let's give him a show he'll remember!!!!"
"Oh yessssss......."

Thursday, July 13, 2017


There's a lot of reasons we've stayed together while so many couples around us have split up....
One friend who was quite unaware of the details of our relationship....not even knowing that as we sat together in the pub I was in the prettiest pink undies under my male costume....he was explaining how he and his beautiful wife were nearing the end of their relationship....he drank his beer and looked at me....
"You know I don't know how you do it....you're always kissing her ass....but you two never seem to fight....my wife even said she wished I was more like you....what's your secret???"
I of course claimed I had no idea what he was talking about and ordered him another beer and a shot of bourbon and steered the conversation in another direction...
Of course I wasn't always kissing her ass.....that was ridiculous.....
I only kissed her ass when she allowed me the privilege!!!!

No Use

She really hadn't had any use for his tiny little clit....
It couldn't satisfy her....she couldn't even feel it the few times she had allowed him to try her pussy....
She hadn't paid attention to it for ages....his tongue kept her happy at home and her lover kept her happy with his man sized cock when they dated....
But after she had caged him.....she couldn't understand it....she developed a serious fascination with it....she loved to see it and fondle it and play with his little balls...
He would moan and that would only make it better....
And when she had her fill and her panties were soaked she would pull his face down and he would make her cum.....over and over.....until she pushed him away....
And he would thank her as she drifted off to sleep....
Life was good!!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

She Watches

I love when she watches me take a mans cock in my mouth....it feeds my inner need for submission and humiliation....the humiliation has dampened a bit as years go by but the submissive urge is still so strong!!!
She knows the key to my psyche though....all it takes is one word to take me back into deep humiliation....and she uses it when she senses I'm enjoying myself too much....
"What a cocksucker I married!!!"
And instantly, in my mind I'm a youngster again struggling to come to terms with that word...it was meant to demean and degrade....even the girls....if they got that label....well their lives changed too!!!
Cocksucker....yes I am.....the male ego however, such as it is, still rebels when I hear it!!! That's why she always makes sure to say it....she knows that deep under the long hair and makeup, under the dresses and lingerie.....there's still a boy that gets horribly embarrassed to hear the word out loud!!!! A boy that craves submission and humiliation!!!

Sissy School - All The Young Boys

She taught the young boys
True feminine poise
And she never let them stray
Wearing skirts and sweet lace
She kept them in place
And told them here's where they'd stay
And all the young boys
Who used to make noise
And used to spend so much time wanking
Found that under their skirt
They still wanted to squirt
But were afraid to because of the spanking
They practiced all day with books on their head
And later tonight she'll send them to bed
In nighties of satin and silk
And as she closes the door
She'll hear their feet on the floor
As they rush to get Sissy milk
They'll drift off to dream
Tummies full of warm cream
And think of their future lives
Dressed in panties, by the door
They will kneel on the floor
So they could await their beautiful wives

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cleanup Time

When it comes to cleanup time in our house the guest always comes first.....I'm not sure if this is just good manners or because she wants me to clean her up....sometimes for hours!!!

Any Takers

"OMG Kaaren what are you doing!!!!"
"Just what you told me Sweetheart...."
"What do you mean....I never told you to do this!!!!"
"You said I had to get out more and meet new people.....this seemed like a good idea to me!!!"
"Have you had much interest yet?"
"There's been a couple....but nothing certain yet!!!"
"Well if you get one you make sure you bring him to the house.....if you're getting a fuck and a facial I want to watch every minute of it!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Monday, July 10, 2017

Simple Joy

The simple joy of helping her dress for her date....to a man it's inexplicable....to a Sissy Cuck like me....it's still inexplicable but in a really good way!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Although it's usually served hot and creamy, when summer comes around you're looking for something cool and refreshing!!! You need something cold but you don't want to pass up on the delicious creamy flavor that we all love so much!!!! If you have a shot glass and a freezer then you're in business!!!
ManCandy!!!! Keeping you cool and hot at the same time!!!!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Just As Small

Just as small as mine and made of stone.....not really as much fun as she promised me when I agreed to come to the garden party!!!!


The spinner kept landing on "Suck His Cock", if I didn't know better I'd think he was cheating!!!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Lost Treasure of Pirates Cove

Th radio crackled....
"I don't know what's going on Smitty....I'm hearing things....voices...soft voices....they sound like angels...."
"Jennings, check your O2 mix...."
The diver checked his gauges and found everything as it should be!!!!
"A-OK on the mix....maybe it's the radio....picking up stray signals...."
"Radio tests OK up here Jennings..."
"Just one of those things I guess....I'm moving forward...."
"Do you see anything....how's the visibility....."
 "Visibility is OK....dim light....but visible.....wait I think I see something!!!!"
"What is it Jennings...is it the ship?"
"Maybe.....there's a net down here...."
"That's ours Jennings.....to haul up any finds!"
"There's a bunch of fish trapped under it I'm going to lift it a little to let them out..."
"Jesus Jennings, they're just fish...."
"All gods creatures Smitty!!!!"
The voices were louder now and he could sense the direction they were coming from....
"Jennings!!! Jennings....report in...."
"I've found it!!! I've found it!!!!"
"The treasure! Jennings are you sure?"
"It's right in front of me.....Smitty.....Smitty check my air lines....Smitty I'm getting no air!!!!"
"Sorry Jennings, I only needed you to locate the treasure....I don't need any partners now!"
"You bastard!!!! I....oh my god....."
Smitty turned to the mate....shot him and tumbled his body overboard....he anchored a buoy and headed for port....
After reporting the horrible "accident" he waited several days before returning to the site. Donning his suit he dropped over the side and made his way to the treasure....right where Jennings said it would be....
He heard voices now....just as Jennings had....but he didn't hear angels.....he anxiously looked around as best he could in the cumbersome suit.....he saw a shadow nearby and a voice....louder than the others....it was hissing....."Smitty".....
Now he was afraid.....
"Pull me up....on the double.....emergency!!!!"
But there was nothing but static....
"Smitty.....welcome to your grave...."
"I know that voice....Jennings....is that you"
"Once it was me....but the Sirens of the Sea rescued me and made me into one of their own......I've told them all about you and we've been waiting for your return!!!"
Under the sea his screams weren't heard by anyone other than the fish...

Small Town Girls - Wrestling

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
Most of the time they were still just a couple of teenage boys...wrestling and video games and baseball...but when they had some time alone....when they slipped into their sisters little sexy undies they forgot all about video games and baseball!!! They still liked to wrestle but it was very different and a lot more fun!!!

Friday, July 7, 2017


Sometimes a journey of only a couple of feet across the room seems to be simultaneously far too long and far too short!!!! I know it's what I need and deserve....but when I look at the brush waiting.....well sometimes....I just....I don't know....I know I'll love it but that won't happen right away.....and then not sitting at all for the rest of the day....and not sitting comfortably probably all day tomorrow....it's a lot to think about....but she's waiting....and she knows what I need better than I do....and as I hesitate she smiles at me and that makes all the difference....I willingly bend over her lap....and await the delicious and sensual spanking I'm about to receive.....and I know that I'll kick and cry and beg and scream.....and I know that after.....when she's put the brush down....when she puts the soothing lotion on my red bottom.....I'll know how much she loves me....I can't explain it....but I'll know....


"Did you see Sissy....a new girl moved in down the street.....why don't you invite her over for coffee after you've finished your housework....I worry that you spend so much time alone!"
"Thank you Dear....that's a wonderful idea....I'll invite her over tomorrow!"
"Just remember Sissy.....you're forbidden to serve any pussy but mine....unless I say so..."
"Of course Ma'am....I know the rules!!!"
"Just make sure Sissy....I'll know if you lie to me!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
The new girl was nice and friendly.....and once I got her panties off I found that I could have a really good time and still not break the rules...or lie....she was a little disappointed at first by the cage but she soon came to understand....

Thursday, July 6, 2017

One Law

"You must be strangers in these parts....or else you'd know not to come to my town like this!"
"We're just passing through Sheriff....we're not looking for any trouble!!!"
"That's what they all say.....Deputies! Take them away and lock them up!!!!"
"Please don't put us in a cell!!!"
"Putting you in a cell isn't exactly what I meant gentlemen....this is Sissytown and while you're here you're going to abide by Sissytown laws!!!!"


She likes to have her treat.....

....and I get to have mine.....

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Even in sandals her poor feet get hot and tired after a long day at work....I don't mind if I need to give them a little more attention...because on warm days...well....it does make them a little tastier....

The Mice

You remember the old adage "when the cat's away the mice will play"?
Well that was certainly the case with the sissies in this neighborhood!!!!
No sooner had their wives left for work before the men were at the door and "the Mice" would play all day with them!!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July

I like so many things about the 4th of July but if I had to pick one thing I'd say having wieners by the pool would be just about the best!!!!

Happy 4th of July

Well there's the flag and there's the pole and oh my god am I ready to salute!!!!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Is That Mine

"Oh my god...is that mine?"
"Yes...I didn't think you'd mind if I borrowed it...."
"It's brand new.....I haven't even worn it yet!!!"
"I don't see why it's a problem....I wanted to wear something cute and I saw it hanging in your closet...."
"But....I wanted to wear it tonight....that's why I hung it out....but I guess it's OK and it looks really good on you!!!"
"Thank you Sissy, I'll buy you a new nightie tomorrow...."

Monday ManCandy

It never seems like much but it packs a lot in a small package!!!! One mouthful in the morning and it'll be on your mind all day as it warms your insides!!!! The taste will add flavor to your coffee and when lunch time rolls around, if you're lucky the flavor still lingers!!!! Just that one creamy mouthful should be enough for you for all day but if not....well refills can be had almost anywhere....
ManCandy!!!! Just one mouthful is all it takes!!!!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

After The Wedding

It wasn't just that she had ordered him to his knees and he obeyed without question that was driving her wild....but that was so nice too..
It wasn't that she planned to put him in chastity and panties before the honeymoon was over that was driving her wild....but that was sooo nice too....
What was really pushing her to the edge was that he was licking her pussy while her lovers cum was dripping into his mouth.....and he hadn't questioned or hesitated....this removed any lingering doubt that they were perfect for each other!!!!


One of the nicest thing about fluffing a man for my wife is that I'm not trying to make him cum....
Because my job is just to get him hard and keep him that way until she's ready for him, I have the luxury of taking it slow and easy! I get to savor the joy of having a beautiful cock filling my mouth, even if it's only for a little while!!!!