Friday, February 7, 2014

Imagine Meeting You Here

I always preferred to sit in a darker corner of the restaurant. I like the dark spaces, that's where the naughty things happen!
As I scanned the room I saw her staring at me! No pretense, no pretending to look away! Staring at me, hard! She seemed somehow familiar, a friend of my wife I've seen before...
The hair is different but when it comes to me I give her a big smile!
What are the odds that we'd both be here? What are the odds we'd ever meet?
Her meal was being served and she turned her attention to her female companion and her lunch. Soon I also had my lunch and my wife and I had a delightful time!
But I kept an eye on her throughout the entire meal and when she went to the ladies I excused myself and went also.
I had barely stepped through the door when she pulled me into the stall with her. In a moment our panties were down and our lips met.
As she sat to take my little clit in her mouth she smiled.
"I knew it was you Kaaren, as soon as I saw you!"
The pleasures of her hot mouth and teasing tongue washed over me and I almost fainted!
"I knew it was you too! I can't believe how lucky I am!"
I felt my orgasm coming...coming...coming into her mouth her soft a...pillow!?!?!?
I opened my eyes as my dream sissy slipped away from me again.....and now I had to wash the pillowcase too!

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