Wednesday, February 26, 2014

There's only one rule

No touching your clitties! Not your friends or your own! If either of you touch one of your little clits the cages go back on!
Yes Kaaren that includes touching with your mouth or tongue, I should spank you just for asking such an impertinent question!
Yes Leeanne, rubbing against each other is also touching and I think you must be looking for a spanking too!
No you can't touch them with the vibrators either! You're both going over my knee later for sure!
You each have a nice big vibrator and 10 minutes of free time, if either of you cums the other licks it up after the 10 minutes is up! Then the cages go back on!
Good luck, Go for it Sissies!!!


  1. I say, right at the end, we risk the spankings and suck each others' clitties!

    1. Sweetie any spanking would be worth it!!!!!

      Love and Sissy Kisses