Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Okay Sissy

"Okay Sissy, the last time he was here you sucked him till he was ready to cum! I barely got to use him at all before he came inside me! So this time I don't want you to put his cock in your mouth Sissy! I mean it! I want a long hard fuck from him! Use your hands on his cock only! Okay Sissy, do you understand?"
"Yes sweetheart...I promise I will not put his lovely cock in my mouth!"
"Thank you Sissy! I'll be right back after I get out of these clothes! Remember...only hands Sissy"
"Only hands on his cock sweetheart...I promise!"


  1. Kaaren,

    In my humble opinion, it is more submissive to suck and lick balls than it is to suck cock. I know I get a HUGE rush when a lady has me lick and suck her balls.

    My favorite is when I'm lying on my back, I have her balls in my mouth, and she's playing with her cock above my face; then at the right moment she pulls her ball sack out of my mouth, takes a slight step back, and shoots her load all over my face!

    I'm such a submissive little slut!

    1. Sounds wonderful to me Joe! Wash I could be there to help you clean up!!!!

  2. I was actually thinking of your ball sack in my mouth. You want to help with clean up? Rub the head of your cock all over my face, then push it in my mouth to lick clean. Good time had by ALL!