Thursday, October 9, 2014

Caught in the Stacks

The young Paralegal was enjoying himself doing his research in the stacks of the Law Library wearing only his heels, stockings and panties! This is why he liked to work late at night! There was never anyone here which is why he was so shocked when he heard someone clear their throat behind him!
A million thoughts ran through his mind! What could he say? Was this the end of his job? Of his career? What could he tell his family?
The attorney slowly unzipped his pants and the frightened young Para feared the worst! Then to his surprise he saw the garters and stockings as the attorney's pants fell to the floor!
As the lawyer pulled open the buttons on his shirt revealing the beautiful lacy chemise underneath, the younger sissy suddenly realized he had no reason to hide from Mr. Montgomery!!!


  1. Kaaren! You have found me out. What a devilishly delicious post!

    1. You never know when I'll be prowling the Law Library Sweetie!!!!

  2. Oops too bad the young paralegal had peed herself in the mean time ;-)