Thursday, November 26, 2015

Home For the Holidays

I love when the family gets together on the holidays and we can all catch up on what's new! Her sister brought her new boyfriend....her divorce isn't quite final yet but she should be rid of her cheating asshole husband soon!
She's been much nicer to me since she's embraced the sissy cuckold fact she allowed me to kneel and watch as she demonstrated her strap-on technique to my wife!!! My wife loved her little sister and was beaming with pride as she waited her turn to use her black strap-on and show her a few more tricks!
He was spraying cum everywhere as she pegged him but we have nice hardwood floors in here and I'll be able to lick that clean in no time!!!
She leaned close to me and whispered "Let's get them a chastity cage for Christmas Sissy!"
"Perfect gift for a new couple!" I replied
It's nice to have the family over! Makes me feel warm and tingly!!!!

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