Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Manhunt Through Time

"At last I have you Villain! There will be no escape this time! You have eluded me for centuries but my hunt is ended!"
"It can't be! William!!! But surely you died long ago!"
"I too found the wizard and I made him give me the immortality potion so that I might hunt you down and make you pay for your crimes....make you pay for her murder!"
"But how is it you're not a woman? The potion makes one a woman!!! The wizard said it was inevitable!"
"You meekly accepted the change where I have used all my will to fight it! The wizard told me that strength of heart would hold back the transformation!"
"But what do you propose! This modern world will not exact justice for a crime so many centuries ago! Be gone and trouble me no more! You'll find no justice here!"
"That's where you err in your reason you devil! I have carried this enchanted bow for close to 700 years while I hunted you! This arrow fired into your dark heart will send you to the dark pits of hell that await you! I'll give you a moment to make your last appeals for forgiveness to your maker for surely I have none for you!"
"But perhaps we together could share this gift and live through the ages as companions...please don't kill me! There is so much yet to see!"
"Villain as you draw your last breath I'll tell you this! Tonight I will welcome the transformation and become a woman in full! Then I will allow myself to sample all of the sinful pleasures the world has to offer! All the pleasures I have denied myself through the centuries! I will become the queen of debauchery! And through it all I will remember the look on your face as you die, begging for your life! That will be my ultimate pleasure!!!"
"No!!!! No Please!!!!"
The arrow flew and it was done!!!!

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