Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kaaren Stop...

"Kaaren stop that right now!!! You know I have to go to work today....oooohhhh!!!!! Kaaren, please....I'm going to give you a spanking you'll never forget...ooooooooo that's so nice get your tongue in there.....alright Kaaren make me cum quick...I have to get to the office!!!


  1. I hope that, just because she's enjoying your ministrations, that she doesn't deny you your well-earned spanking because of your defiance. LOL!

    1. I have delayed her a couple of times and she usually threatens a dire punishment! When she gets home I usually find her panties soaked and she's more than ready for a more leisurely session! The spanking threat is rarely carried out much to my disappointment!

  2. Stop ... Don't! ...Don't stop ...