Thursday, August 28, 2014

You Have To Love August - Magic

I came outside and found her staring into the distance. In her pretty, short dress and sandals she looked so beautiful it was almost more than I could bear and I sighed.
"Isn't it beautiful Kaaren, so green and so quiet, it's like we're on another world! It's like magic!"
"Yes sweetheart it's beautiful!"
"I wish I could stay here forever just like this. If you could have a wish right now Kaaren what would it be!"
I looked at her and thought it over, so many things to wish for! But if I was honest there was only one thing I wanted right now!
"I wish I could reach under your dress and pull down your pretty panties and give you as much pleasure as my tongue can provide for as long as you wanted!"
"Oooh Sissy, you're so naughty!" she smiled over her shoulder at me and in a deeper voice she said, "Alright Sissy! Your wish is granted!!! Let's let the magic take over!"
I moved toward her and slipped a hand up her thigh....
It doesn't get any better than this!!!