Saturday, August 16, 2014

Slipping Away

They had caught each others eye at the party and although they didn't speak they were aware of each other as the party wore on! They were each watching the other, thinking how best to approach. how best to handle thew desire they shared!
Finally as he looked across the room and caught her eye she motioned for him to follow! Obediently he followed to a quieter side of the house where she grabbed him and pulled him into the bathroom! Slamming the lock home she turned to him and said "I want to fuck you until you pass out from the pleasure! Take your pants down!"
As he did he felt her push him over and she slid her well lubed strap-on into him as he groaned in pleasure or pain!
"I've wanted to fuck your sweet sissy ass since I first saw you tonight if you behave maybe we can do this all night!"
"Oh yeah...but what about our guests?"
"Okay Sissy, but after they leave your ass is mine!"

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