Thursday, November 20, 2014


"What do you want me to make for your dinner tonight sweetheart?"
"Nothing special Kaaren, you've been spoiling me with your cooking lately! Why don't we just get a pizza tonight?"
"Okay sweetie I'll order one and pick it up just before you get home!"
"Give yourself a break Kaaren, have it delivered...I'll be home at 6!"
"Okay sweetheart!"

"Hello Tony's Pizza how can I help you!"
"Hi I'd like to order a pie and have it delivered..."
"Hey! Kaaren is that you!!! Where you been? One of my favorite customers!"
"Hi Tony! I've been doing a lot of cooking lately....can I get a cheese pie delivered around 6?"
"Kaaren I'll make your pie and deliver it myself...I have a special pie I only make for special girls like you! A regular cheese pie with one big spicy Italian sausage"
"Sounds great Tony! I can't wait!"


  1. Don't you just love it when they add extra meat to your pizza. Your really must be a preferred customer.

    1. They have got delivery men and I have yet to pay for a least not with cash!!!!!

  2. What, no mushrooms?

    1. Already swallowing the mushroom sweetie!!!