Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Matinee - Good Vibrations

"So, I've given you delightful breasts that I intend to play with for hours on end, and I've shrunk and feminized  you in every way but one, your little clitty will remain to remind you of the man you once were! When I throw this switch the vibrator in your cute little ass will come to life and make you cum! Soon it will be the only way you can cum and you'll do anything I say to make it happen again and again! Hahahahaha!!!"
"Nooooo please........ooooohhhhhhh please.....ooooohhh.....more......"
"You see how easy it is to turn you into my little sissy slut Senator!!! Soon a few of your colleagues will be joining you!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!"

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