Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Fun Little Game

I will be staying in a room with my boss tonight Sissy. We're on the twelfth floor. I have booked room 906 for you and I and I have laid out one of your cutest uniforms there for you.
I want you to get as pretty for me as you can and then join us on the twelfth floor and here's the fun part Sissy...I'm not telling you the room number so you'll just have to knock on doors until you find us!
This sounds like so much fun Sissy, remember to smile when prople open their doors!


  1. Oh such a fun assignment for such a cute sissy. Perhaps this could be repeated on New Year's Eve.

    1. We have played a version of the Hotel game in real life just once. Me in my maids uniform taking the elevator from our floor (4th) to where she was waiting for me on the 12th floor! Yes there was another guest! An older gentleman who did his best to ignore my existence! When the door opened I thought my wife would hurt herself trying so hard not to laugh! She said she couldn't tell who looked more distressed, him or me!
      Waiting with her for the elevator to take us back down was equally nerve-wracking but uneventful. Humiliating....yes, fun....yes!