Monday, December 30, 2013


I lay in my bed in Sissy's room while she entertains her date in the master bedroom. I never really considered myself a "master" so maybe I should say they're in the Mistress bedroom!

It's been pretty quiet in there for a while aside from some sighing and her date talking, but he's speaking so low I can't hear what he's saying! I don't hear her talking back....I wonder if her mouth is full....

This cage is getting very I hear her but she's not talking....sounds to me like she's moaning and it's getting I don't hear him...maybe his mouth is busy....

She's cumming! I know that sound and I hear her voice low and husky telling him she needs him to fuck her...I hear the bed start to rattle as she begins to moan and tell him to go harder....deeper...

He lasts so long! She's cumming over and over and now I hear him gasping and the bed stops's quiet again and I can't hear anything at all....maybe they've fallen asleep...I don't think I'll be sleeping anytime soon when all I can do is squirm on the soft sheets and hope that the drops leaking from the cage don't leave a stain!


  1. Kaaren,
    This was an awesome post! I could almost feel what it was like to be there. Maybe next time you could ask Mistress if you could have a fellow Sissy sleep-over. You will both be caged, but at least you'd have some company. Maybe she'll use those handcuffs on you from the other day to ensure there are no Sissy games going on.

    Many, many thanks for a wonderful Blog,

    1. It's hard sometimes to be alone as you listen to the one you love most take her pleasure from another man. We have mutually agreed that this fulfills us both, each in our own way! I love to hear, or see when I'm lucky, the pleasure she receives. It's something I just can't provide personally so it has to be provided by others. I couldn't ask her to give that up I think that would be cruel!
      That being said I would love to have a playmate myself on her date nights but I usually end up alone or with my old Teddy Bear, and I swear that bear is getting more and more perverse as he gets older!

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  3. I love your shoes!!

  4. Beautiful pics. She looks so pretty lying there and all locked up. i can well imagine the discomfort as her sissy stick tries to swell inside her cage. Just a part of being a good sissy, hoping to be let free but also knowing there is a special comfort in being locked up for her (most of the time). i love the shoes too.