Saturday, December 28, 2013

You Scared Me

You scared me so badly running back to fight the fire Sissy! I didn't know what would happen! I don't care about the house or the things I care about you and you are never to do that again! Do you understand me! Never again! And stop enjoying this! It's supposed to be punishment! Sweet little Sissy what would I have done if anything had happened to my special girl? What, smack, would, smack, I, smack, have, smack, done, smack!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh the perils of real, true and honest love.
    You love your partner for all the wonderful things you do, but occasionally hate them for putting themselves in danger. When that happens you realise just what would be missing from your life were anything to happen to them.
    Kaaren, you are a very lucky girl to have a true soul mate in life.

    I hope you didn't enjoy the punishment too much :)


    P.S. To Mrs Kaaren, try not to be too hard on her. Those same instincts that know how to make your life complete are the ones that sent Kaaren into peril. It sounds like her first thought was to protect you and then the home you have built together. That's also something to be rewarded - although from the sounds of it, the punishment was also the reward :)