Monday, December 30, 2013

I've Waited So Long

As I took my Sissy lover into my mouth she moaned my name.
"Oh Kaaren...oh so good..."
I couldn't believe I was so lucky as I tasted her on my tongue....she tasted like honey and sweetness and I slid her as deeply into my mouth as I could...feeling her velvet head tickling the entrance of my throat!
"Oh Kaaren!" was all I heard as I was lost in pleasure as I sucked and licked her!
I felt her heat and her pulsing throbbing need as I ran my tongue over and over on the delicate underside of her beautiful cock's soft head! Droplets of her delicious precum were the sweetest thing I had ever tasted as I greedily licked them up!
"Oh Kaaren, oh Kaaren OH!" was all I heard"
I could feel her heat growing and I knew she was going to cum! I was finally going to get my Dream Sissy's cum!
"Oh Kaaren, Oh Kaaren...." her voice was changing "Kaaren, come on Kaaren" she sounded so much like....
"Kaaren wake up,  We have so much to do today. You were making noise too, you must have been dreaming!"
Dreaming again...I got so close this time....


  1. Holy moly! A second post in 20 mins that has taken me right there. I can only imagine your frustration, but know it's making you the obedient Sissy Mistress needs you to be.
    Have a great day

    1. Thanks for the feedback have a wonderful day too!!!
      Put on your prettiest panties and do something special for yourself! Start the week off right!