Thursday, June 12, 2014

About This Summer Sissy

I'm sorry Sissy but I'm going to be very busy at work this summer, so I was thinking that you might enjoy a little vacation of your own
I have a friend who runs a kind of resort for sissies, you'll get to be out in the fresh air and no one will bother you about what you're wearing! In fact most of the time your clothing will be provided for you and it's all included with your room and meals!
You'll be out in the sun getting some healthy exercise while I'm stuck here in a stuffy office with nothing but the occasional man to pleasure me! It would only be until August Sissy, then we can go on vacation together!
Doesn't that sound nice?
The place even has a cute name..."Baby Pony Ranch"! I think you'll love it!!!


  1. I love the cute little bells

  2. You know I'd love to do this Kaaren but I'm very fair skinned. I get sunburn from the light in the fridge.

  3. Does this place really exist? I'm trying to find it cause it sounds like a delicious vacation!