Friday, June 20, 2014

Here I Go Again!!!

Google + has suspended my account! I got this e-mail yesterday!

Dear Kaaren Sissy,
You've recently been violating the Google+ User Content and Conduct policies.
Pornography or sexually explicit content are not allowed in your profile, posts, comments, photos, or anywhere else on Google+.
Please review our policies to avoid violating them in the future.
If you continue to violate our policies, you may lose the ability to use some or all features of Google+ and other Google services. Learn more
We're all in this together. Let's make Google+ a place where we all want to hang out.
The Google+ team.

This is  exactly the same thing that happened to my SissyKaaren account! I'm trying one last time yo salvage the account but I just don't know....

Maybe am apology....
I'm sorry Google+ can I please have my account back?!?!?!?


  1. Sorry to hear this Kaaren dear. I don't know what to suggest. There must be somewhere we can play without getting in trouble with the headmastrer?

    (Mmmm... spanked while suspended... )