Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hard Reality

When she kissed him like that he reacted like any other male would! Until his little clitty hit the hard reality of his chastity cage! 


  1. How much does it hurt? I mean, does the body know its constricted and stops at a certain point in time?

    Do you have to talk it down or something, like morning wood? How DO you deal with morning wood?

    Non-sissies need to know these things!

    1. It's very uncomfortable and my body just wants it to grow. Luckily, or not depending on your point of view, I'm not very large and I have a little room to grow! The discomfort usually takes care of things and things die down a bit. However the problem is that the longer I'm caged the less stimulation it takes to start the cycle all over again!
      A cold shower in the morning is invigorating and removes any morning wood problems! The sex dream that wakes you in the middle of the night because you've filled the cage and it hurts a little us another story!

    2. In my experience it is the waking up at night when my clitty is pushing its cage to the max that is the most difficult. It is not easy to get things settled down.