Tuesday, June 10, 2014

That Nosy Reporter

"Hahahaha Igor! It worked!!!! When that nosy reporter wakes up he'll be completely transformed into a beautiful sissy slut!!!"
"Now pass me that jar! Once I inject him with formula X, not only will he be a sissy slut; he'll be a sissy slut with a fetish for short men and hunchbacks!!!"
Maniacal laughter echoed in the night!!!!


  1. Reporter: Hey Igor? Do you know Quasimodo?

    Igor: Sorry, his name doesn't ring a bell!


    Thanks ladies and guys who dress like ladies. Remember to tip your waitresses!


    1. Igor: Hey I did know Semimodo though!
      Reporter: Who's that?
      Igor: You'd know him if you saw him...he's a dead ringer for his brother!