Saturday, June 28, 2014


"Oh Hi...yes we're doing OK but there's one little problem..."
"Well Sissy told me that you always removed the cage before his bath"
"Hmmm, you don't....well Sissy fooled me completely!"
"Oh yes...hard as a rock!"
"Well he's a little busy right now!"
"Oh yes the best I ever had!"
"Well...Sissy doesn't fit back into her cage and I was wondering..."
"Really? A bowl of ice cubes! I guess that would do it!"
"Spank her! Really! I mean I know Sissy lied to me but maybe that could wait till you get home?"
""You'll show me thanks I'd really like to see that!"
"Okay I'll see you soon! I'll get that bowl of ice in a few minutes!!!!"
"Okay Ma'am, I'll see you soon."

"Sissy, get busy, you are in serious trouble!!!!!"

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