Saturday, July 12, 2014

Maybe Just on Weekends

After our visit to Baby Pony Ranch last week my wife wanted to see if I would be interested in perhaps just coming here for the weekends! She was discussing room and board rates with the trainer as I was learning to respond to the reins and the whip! The whip looked a lot worse than it felt, it was like a quick sting but it certainly got my attention!
I'm still not so sure about this but when the trainer gave the reins to my wife my humiliation was complete and my excitement was off the scale!


  1. We never had the opportunity to try this. It certainly looks like great fun for everyone.

    1. This excites me so much it's very hard to describe! Submission to the point where you're relegated to strictly service! No talking no fooling around just service! Tired at the end of the day and sore too but a single stroke of your hair from Mistress makes it all worthwhile! I don't know if I can make it clear but this is one of my deepest darkest desires!