Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Cherry - Sissy Training

No not that cherry! A sissy must be able to use her tongue to give pleasure, sometimes for hours! As practice hang a stemmed cherry for your sissy to practice on! This is a twofold exercise, first sissy must keep the cherry in motion for as long as possible! Second, because this is an exercise on duration and control, sissy must not knock the cherry from the stem, a gentle touch is required!!!

Sissy's wife or girlfriend will appreciate the "fruits" of this training for years to come!!!


  1. Excellent training tip Kaaren! Thanks!

  2. Its kind of a speed bag, but for the tongue!

    I would suggest that if the cherry falls off the stem, the sissy will immediately have to tie the stem into a knot with their tongue, or its a few extra spanks!