Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Spare Bedroom

In our house the spare bedroom is Sissy's Room! When she and her lover want privacy, this is where I sleep! The wall between the rooms isn't very thick and I can hear pretty much everything they're doing but sometimes, no matter what I'm hearing, I just can't help but nod off and dream sweet sissy dreams!


  1. That's the same as in our house. When my wife goes out on a date I have to sleep in the guest room in case she brings her boy friend home. When they do come home they wake me up with all the moaning going on while they are making love and all I can do is just listen because I an always in chastity.

  2. Replies
    1. Adorable? You have no idea how many spankings I've gotten for not keeping my room tidy!!! I can't help it!!! There's not much to do except try on clothes, listen to her cum or sleep! I was thinking about moving the computer in here but she says she wants it readily at hand to make sure I'm behaving! She might be getting a BIG bonus soon and she was thinking about adding a small bathroom for me and adding a "playroom"! I want the bathroom...the "playroom" makes me a little nervous!

    2. Your so cute when your nervous Kaaren, Tee hee.

      I'm sorry but the playroom sounds ... well, adorable :)

    3. Depends on what games you're playing!!!