Thursday, December 4, 2014

Shaving - Sissy Training

You have him in chastity, that's good!
You have him in pretty lacy panties, that's good too although pink would have been a better color!
But there's something you've missed....can you see it? His crotch may be shaved but the rest of him is covered in icky, unsightly body hair!!!
Why not invite the girls over and you can all shave him smooth! He'll be prettier and you and your friends can have a good time helping him understand his place in your world!!!!


  1. My wife did that to me once. She invited a few of her friends over for a shaving party. I was tied in the basement with my hands secured to the ceiling and my legs spread eagle and ankles tied between two posts. The girls had a ball lathering me up and shaving every part of my body.

    1. It sounds like so much fun Dan, I'll bet you had a big grin on...maybe a big hard on unless your wife has caged you too!!!!

    2. Yes I was caged so it was hard to have a hard on but it was a lot of fun. When they finished they dried me off and left me there while they had coffee.

  2. Being shave by Mistress's friends clearly marks your position. Mistress Barbara has held this event many times in my sissy life. Mistress always found some new friends to share me with. Sometime i was told in advance and had to control m excitement. Other times it was a surprise to me. The surprises we harder to handle. Then Mistress put me in a chastity cage. Wow - i do love Mistress Barbara.