Friday, February 6, 2015


He was scared! Kneeling in the large empty gymnasium! Dressed in silky pink panties and bra, his stockings held taut by the frilly lace garter belt  his knees already aching from kneeling for so long! He was afraid of what she might do to him! He was afraid of what she might say!
Then he heard it...the unmistakable sound of her heels clicking across the polished gym floor! Closer and closer till she was behind him...then silence! Suddenly she slapped his panty-clad bottom and as the fire lit up his ass he heard the sound echoing all around him!
Finally she spoke!
"Alright now explain to me Coach, why did you call for a pass play when you could have won the game by running the ball?"
What could he say? And as she began spanking him in earnest he sobbed and knew he deserved it!!!


  1. Are you suggesting Pete Carroll threw the Super Bowl? Simply to receive this discipline? Makes sense to me..