Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Sissy Cuckolds Reward

A Sissy cuckolds life is a rewarding life!
I love flowers but I really would rather give them than receive them!
I love jewelry but I would rather give it than receive it!
 I love a nice meal but I'd rather prepare it than go out!
I love pretty dresses but if I'm getting one I always make sure that she's getting one too!
I love sexy lingerie but I have so much already and I love to see her in new frills and lace!
I love a big cock but I'd rather see it giving her pleasure than keeping it to myself!

But when he fills her with his hot cum that's mine! That's the sissy cuckolds reward!The rich taste and the intimacy of eating his sweet cream from her! It's about the only reward I truly crave!!!

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