Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Can't Believe It

"I can't believe it's you! I haven't seen you since high school!"
"I suppose you'll be telling all of the guys back home..."
"What? That you're A sissy? Or that you're married to that fantastic piece of ass?"
"Watch out  how you talk about her!"
"What are you gonna do about it Sissy?"
"Let me just take this shirt off and I'll kick your ass right out of here!"
"Hey, I'm sorry! Don't get mad...that's a pretty bra you have on..."
"Thanks, it's one of my favorites..."
"So let bygones be bygones?"
"Okay...let's let it all go!"
"Do you wanna suck my cock Sissy?"
"Ever since I saw it in the showers in Junior year!!!"


  1. OMG!!! Yes Yes Yes!!!! I want to so badly!!! I'm a 100% total sissy faggot!!!!

  2. Say what you want about the sissy, but you better. It say a cross word about her wife

    1. There was a time when words would send me scurrying away but those days were long ago! Insult my wife in my presence and I;ll do my best to make you regret it! I'm not much of a fighter but I'd rather get my ass kicked defending her than meekly accepting the insult!!!!!