Wednesday, December 6, 2017


It started out slowly as we both grew to understand my need to submit to her....she was uneasy at first....she didn't really understand that I was giving her complete control over me.....
She grew into her role as the dominant person in our marriage and as her career flourished and mine floundered it was obvious that the traditional roles had reversed and it felt right for both of us!!!!
Now the girl who used to be so tentative about giving me a task to do has become the woman who expects  me to perform without her having to ask!!!!
She loves me and I love her and we complement each other....the more she exercises her dominance, the more submissive I become!!!!


  1. How sweet!

    How much of the dominant and submissive parts spill over into the everyday life? I know that you stay home and she works, but how much of the dynamic is seen/felt by others around you, like friends, family, etc ... Anyone have an inkling of the stuff that goes on that WE here get to read about?

    1. Dee, we are pretty good at keeping things separated....
      Because I'm not employed it seems normal that I would take over the housework although I doubt many other husbands in my position look so nice in a short maids dress!!!
      I tend to feel more comfortable around women....maybe it's because I have so much in common with them...
      I'm sure some of her girlfriends have their suspicions but most of the men are oblivious.....the worst I get is some teasing about being "pussy whipped" but I just laugh it off.
      Some people in our life know all about everything....her PA Stacy not only knows about me but she's also a keyholder!!!! Her sister knows too but she doesn't like to talk about it unless she's had a few cocktails.
      Of course it really isn't possible for me to say with any certainty what others see or suspect! Even if some have an idea I doubt very much that they suspect all the things that go on when they're not here!!!!

  2. I can only wish for this as my wife has never properly understood how to be dominant and demand I serve her. instead she whines and complains.