Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Happiest Place on Earth

He hated amusement parks....he hated the rides....he hated the crowds.....he hated how much it all cost...
His wife and children loved it and had given up on trying to get him to enjoy himself....they knew he was miserable and they weren't going to let him ruin their fun!!! He hadn't seen them in a while but they were all supposed to meet here!!!
He looked up and saw a costumed character, some kind of "spaceman", coming toward him.....he rolled his eyes and turned away....just another stupid comic book character for the idiots and kids to flock around!!!
Looking back he was surprised to see the "spaceman" was only a few steps away from him and was looking him over and as yet not a single other person had even seemed to notice him!!!!
"You are not happy?" the voice seemed to come from all around him and the "spaceman's" lips had not moved yet he knew it was his voice....
"That's a cute trick with the voice there Buddy....I wonder how they do that....some kind of hidden stereo or something...."
The "spaceman" leaned forward and the eerie voice came again, "You are not happy?"
"Well to be honest with you pal, this kind of thing is strictly for's too noisy, too crowded and too expensive!"
"You are not happy?"
"No dammit, go bother someone else!!! This place is all for little girls who want to be Princesses....and I'm no little girl and I ain't no Princess!!!"
"You are not happy......little girls and princesses are are not a little girl or you are not happy
"No, I am not happy....listen my wife and kids will be here in a few minutes....why don't you go talk to somebody else!!!"
"It is in my power to make you happy.....shall I make you happy before I leave you!"
"Yeah sure, whatever you want to do as long as you leave me alone!!!"
"Make you happy...."
The "spaceman" took his hand and a pink glow surrounded him and he felt himself changing....the world around him was getting bigger and brighter....the sounds around him were happier and livelier...the crowds around him made him want to join in and go on the rides and see all the fun things there were....
"Oh my god....what have you done to me?"
"Now you are little you are Princess..."
"But I....when my wife comes how will I tell her...."
"I will wait till she comes and I will tell her....then I will return to my world...."
"But what could you possibly say to her that could explain this?"
"I will tell her that now you are happy!"
" I am happy!"


  1. Aww . . . happiest place on Earth indeed!

    1. Glad to see you keep up with my visits to the Matinee....I sometimes wonder if anyone really enjoys them because except for you and Dee and maybe a couple of others I get so little feedback on these!!!!
      Thanks for stopping by!!!!