Monday, February 11, 2019

Her Little Girl

I've told you before that she enjoys dressing me as a little girl....I have to admit I enjoy it too!!!
All the frills and lace and ribbons and bows....everything I never got to enjoy as a boy!!!!
Sometimes though she has a specific idea in mind and she chooses the clothes very carefully....
The dress is so short it barely covers the rumba panties with their rows upon rows of ruffles....
She pulls me over her knees and asks me if I've been a naughty girl...
"No Ma'am....I'm your good little girl!!!!"
"Didn't I see you on your knees the other day with a mans cock in your sweet little mouth?"
"Yes Ma'am, but I...."
"Isn't it naughty for a sweet little girl like you to get down on your knees and suck a mans big hairy thing...."
"Yes Ma'am, it's very naughty!!!"
"I'm glad you agree I think we'll start with fifty over the panties and we'll see how it goes from there...."


  1. That's a fetish I don't quite understand. Well, being punished, yes. Being spanked, I guess it depends on each individual person.

    It's weird because I don't spank my GF, but when we are in public places, I'll often slap her playfully on the ass, mostly as a way to mark my territory so to speak, plus she's got a firm fat ass so it's a lot of fun to get so much recoil!

    1. maybe you should try letting her slap your ass in might lead to some interesting times in private!!!
      The first time she spanked me it was a playful thing and to be honest we were both surprised at our reactions....she loved doing it and I loved getting gradually morphed into a regular part of our relationship as she came to enjoy the dominant role more and more and I sank deeper into submission to her!!!!
      It's a hard thing to explain why I enjoy it....or for that matter why she enjoys it.....but it's a regular part of our relationship now and I think we're both happy about it!!!!

  2. I love a good OTK hand Spanking and Scolding.