Monday, January 20, 2014

Kaaren Are You OK

I love watching her dress, maybe even more than I love watching her undress.
I know it's crazy but I love her, I love her body and I love the sweet little things she dresses in too, When she put on the bustier I thought she looked beautiful, as she pulled on the stockings I had a hard time catching my breath. But it was the beautiful ruffled panties that made me moan out loud, for two reasons...first because I love ruffles and lace and she looked so beautiful in them...second because I know she's not wearing it for me!
She turned with a smile as she heard me, "Kaaren", she said as her hand ran through the ruffles, "are you alright?"
How on earth do I answer that!
"Fine." I croaked out as my clitty was straining hard in its cage...hard enough to hurt!

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