Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Now Who Could That Be?

I was gasping as she pushed the big black cock into me, stretching me, making me shake with desire when the doorbell rang.
"Now who could that be Sissy? I guess you're in no position to answer the door," she laughed, "You stay right where you are and I'll go see who it is. Don't you move until I get back."
I heard her heels clicking down the hall and then I only heard my own heartbeat as my nerve endings were telling me all about that big invader almost all the way inside me. I saw in the mirror that there was still a couple of more inches to go! I was still in my cage but she could make me cum like this....I wonder what's keeping her?
I could hear her voice but only faintly so it must be someone we know....is she getting louder or coming back? If she's coming back why is she still talking?? I hear her heels now in the hallway, and she's still talking! Now I hear another voice!!! Laughter, two female voices!!!!! Closer!!!! I look at myself in the mirror again...big black cock almost completely embedded in my sissy ass!!! I want to run but she told me to stay!!! Now I heard them at the door.
"As the door open I heard a gasp! I buried my blushing face in the pillow as my wife laughed, "Honey you'll never guess who came by for a visit!"
Overwhelmed with humiliation and the the big cock pressing into me, my little clitty started to cum in it's cage! I gasped as I heard the two women giggling!


  1. What! Kaaren?! Who was it? You can't keep us in suspense you little &*(*&^%%$$$^^^ tease!

    1. Suspense is kinda like being on the edge...and we sissies are pretty much always on the edge, aren't we?

      Deep soulful kisses from your little tease!