Friday, January 10, 2014

Okay Ladies Next Week We'll Pick A New Book

The women's book club meeting was finally over for the week.The hostess came and brought the husbands down from the small waiting room upstairs.
"Okay ladies, here are your sissies, please only take the one that belongs to you."


  1. How appropriate that each sissy is handcuffed. Otherwise, who knows what mischief they'd get into waiting for their wives to retrieve them?

    1. Oh yes, precautions must be taken...but they hope their hostess doesn't notice that they all have badly smudged their lipstick!

  2. Yes i agree, also like the photo of the 2 sissies chained together (around each neck wit a 2 foot chain) they can still dirty thier panties

  3. It is wonderful when sissies can participate in an outing with their Mistress. Placing the sissies in a separate room, locked up individually or linked together, with instructions to behave is a great challenge. It appears the first sissy's ankles are chaned to limit the walking pace of everyone. An excellence attention to detail. i wonder if anyone or all had dirty panties. If i had dirtied my panties, everyone would get to see me spanked.