Monday, September 15, 2014

Where Mistress Shops

The wise Mistress shops at S-Mart. Plugs and lotions, panties and potions!
Today only Sissy-Mart is having a sale of ever-so-slightly used sissies! Don't think of them as second-hand think of them as fully trained!
S-Mart for all your Sissy needs!


  1. Shop smart, Shop S-mart!

    If this was a wonderful pop culture shout of to Army of Darkness, you are even cooler than I thought you were, if that were actually possible!

    1. Oh my! Dee you make me blush!
      Actually I was watching the remake of Evil Dead on one of the cable channels recently and that led me to dig out my copies of the originals and I had a little midnight marathon! I guess S-mart just stuck in my head because this one was written the next day!
      I won't go into the whole weird fantasy about trees but if you're a fan you know what I'm talking about!!!
      And there it goes....I'm blushing again!!!!
      Thanks and kisses