Saturday, September 20, 2014

Movie Night

"Kaaren did I tell you you're looking very pretty tonight?"
"I always try to look pretty for you sweetheart even when it's just us watching a movie!"

"I'm really not all that interested in this movie Kaaren. what about you?"
"Well I don't know....what else could we do?"

"Well I had one thing on my mind that I'd like to check out..."
"Mmmm just one thing?"

"Well maybe two things..."
"Oh sweetheart...."

"You seem to have lost interest in the movie Kaaren..."
"What movie...were we watching a movie....oh my god!!!!!"
"Want to come to bed and make me cum?"
"Oh yes sweetheart I'd love that but could you keep doing that for a few minutes more?"
"I'd love to Sissy!"


  1. Do you know what movie these scenes come from sweetie?

    1. Sorry my sweet Leeanne, just some images I came across....