Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bra Shoppimg

Kaaren this is Carly, she's the bra fitter here at the boutique, she picked these out for you to try on. Now be a good Sissy and get your cute little ass into the changing room and strip!
Yes everything!
Carly is going to help me with a problem in my panties and then we'll be along in a few minutes to help you try these on!


  1. Norstrom's is the absolute best when it comes to bra shopping. They treat us special girls like every other customer.

    I adore wearing a bra and bra shopping is, therefore, very special.

    I have a slight preference for long line bras - better fit, better support, more feminine line. All my bras are really pretty - pastel colors and lace but my several satin bras are personal favorites.

    I hand launder all of our bras. When the weather is nice I hang them outside to dry and that resulted in the lady next door asking a couple of interesting questions and...she knows that half of the bras on the line are mine !

    1. My wife tool me to be fitted for my correct bra size at a small lingerie boutique once! Having the two salesgirls and my wife all laughing and fussing over colors and styles that would suit me was very humiliating and very, very exciting at the same time!!!