Friday, September 2, 2016

Didn't Believe You

He laughed...
"I didn't believe you....but I guess I was wrong!!"
"I don't know why you didn't believe me....I told you my Sissy husband would lick every last drop of your cum out of me!!!!"
"It's just that...."
"You're probably thinking he's a man.....maybe now you understand that he's not....he's a Sissy and he's.....oooooo....he's got a magic tongue!!!"


  1. avete visto come le vostre mogliettine padrone vi vogliono bene come vi difendono quando gli amanti criticano le nostre posizioni le nostre scelte di essere solo femminucce...!! la adoro quando fa così e lei lo sa e penso lo faccia apposta...così io lecco e bevo ancor più contenta e mi do da fare per renderla bella eccitata e contenta di me !!! baci baci baci e grazie !!

  2. And the cuckold has to listen to every word she's saying. Next she'll describe how long he's been in chastity and how docile it makes him.

  3. Lets not forget when the Mistress puts the phone up to her pussy so her lover can hear the sissy's lapping of his juices. One more humiliating step in the life of a cuckold.