Friday, June 16, 2017

Like Any Woman

When Kaaren first appeared in the office it had triggered a meeting with the Human Resources Director!
"As you're all aware our colleague now wishes to be addressed as Kaaren, she identifies as a sissy, which means neither male or female...."
"For our purposes here and to avoid any possible charges of discrimination you will treat Kaaren as you would any other woman in the company! Are there any questions?....Yes Mr. Thompson, you have a question?"
" mean I have to treat him...."
"Okay....I have to treat her like all the other girls...."
"Okay....I have to all the other....women here....even though she's still got a dick in her panties?"
"We....can tell you that shouldn't be an's best for you to keep your mind off of her panties if you know what I mean!"
"Okay I see...."
"Alright everybody let's get back to work!"
Seated at his desk he pondered what had been said and picked up the phone....
"Hello....Kaaren.....could you come by my office for a minute....there's something I wanted to run past you...."
"Sure Joe....I'll be right there..."
She entered and closed the door behind her....
"Look....Kaaren....we have to work together....and this is all new to me....HR told me I had to treat you like all the other women that really what you want?"
"Yes I do....that would make me really happy...."
"Alright then....get over here and suck my cock!"
"I thought you'd never ask!!!!"

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  1. Sissies in the workplace do their best work in private!