Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Virgin Sacrifice

He had come to the remote tribes village as a missionary and he had been surprised at how welcoming they had been!
He had tried his best to spread the word of god to these people but found them all to be savages....their lusts seemed to be their reason for living! It was not unusual for him to find even the younger girls entwined in sins of the flesh!!!
When he tried to preach to them they smiled and snuck off to indulge their savage passions!!!! But he tried and tried to teach them the joy of abstinence, of waiting until they married and became one before god!
He knew they were preparing a festival of some kind and they had made him understand that this was their most important religious event of the year for them.....there was to be some kind of animal sacrificed to their pagan gods....but that was all they would tell him!
When he was summoned to the shaman's temple he hoped that maybe he'd be given more details but there was a ceremony already under way when he arrived....he sat as quietly as he could so as not to disturb them.
Strong arms seized him and pulled him to the altar where that shaman was stirring a potion and praying to his gods....they all turned to him as he was forced to his knees and made to drink the vile concoction!!!!
When he woke he felt so strange.....he felt smaller....lighter....when he realized his body was that of a young girl he screamed!!!!!
The shaman entered and sat near him.....
"What have you done to me!?!?!?"
"I'm English is small....I'll try to tell you..."
"Tell me what....oh my god!!!"
"We people make sacrifice to god....god demands virgin bride....people know must be virgin and so no virgins here.....not made sacrifice in years.....we know you a virgin.....all we need to do was make you a bride....."
"'re going to sacrifice me!!!!!"
"You only virgin old enough in village!"
"No please god no!!!!"
He leaned close over the captive....
"Maybe one way to save you....I might help...."
"Anything....please I don't want to die...."
"When the priestess comes for you she must check or the sacrifice might anger the gods!"
"Check what....please, you have to help me!"
"You cannot be sacrifice if you're not a virgin....I could help you with that!!!"
His head be murdered as a sacrifice to the pagan gods of these people or to be....taken by this savage....which one was worse???
"Please be gentle with me....."
It hurt less than having beating heart pulled from chest!"
"Oh god I hope so...."

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