Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Quite Ready

"Oh yes....your husband is quite ready for you....he's been properly trained by myself and my staff....I'm sure you'll be pleased with the new "man" he's become!"
"But.....I sent him to you just to lose a few pounds!!!! What have you done to him!!!!"
"Hmmm....let me check....oh I see....it seems there was an error in the paperwork....it seems you didn't ask for a submissive ladies maid....would you like us to change him back?"
"No....let's not be too hasty....can I get a trial period?"
"Two weeks trial should be no problem!"


  1. I think that's what you call a fortunate mistake!

  2. And what a lovely sissy maid he has become

  3. On top of everything else, they misplaced the key to his chastity. Oops!