Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Kong Aftermath

Jack Driscoll settled into the cheap chair of the hotel and pulled his wife, the former Ann Darrow, onto his lap! The hotel was a little run down but the honeymoon had been a wedding gift from Mr. Denham.....the poor man was financially ruined by the debacle in New York!!!
"I'm sorry deserve a palace and this is the best we could get!!!"
"Oh Jack.....don't be silly....after the places I've been....the things I've seen....the things I've done....this is more than I ever dreamed of!!!"
"Shall we get, comfortable as they say?"
"Oh Jack, it's what I've dreamed know...since the island....."
"Do you want to talk about it?"
"It's hard to explain the connection I had with was like we understood each other despite the differences...."
"I always wondered about his interest in your clothes....what do you suppose that was about?"
"Why Jack.....I thought you, of all people, would understand.....Kong liked the soft silky feel against his skin just like you do!"
"I don't know what you mean Ann...."
"Jack, I knew all along.....we all really weren't very good at hiding things....Mr. Denham used to joke with me that if I couldn't be the female lead he could always have you do it!!!!"
" don't mind?"
"I married you didn't I?"
"And now?"
"Now I want you to put on something pretty too and we can snuggle together all night!!!!"
"And what about him?"
"Oh.....well he is the last of his kind and so he needs to get other ways...."
"You mean he......"
"Yes Sweet Jack....he likes to go get that pretty nightie on and hopefully it will keep him from rampaging through the city again!!!"
"But Ann....if he....when he....Ann....the cleanup outside is going to be brutal!!!!"
"Not for us to worry about Jack.....or is it Jackie?"

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