Monday, June 12, 2017

Sissy Training - Five Minutes

"Okay you pick out a pair of my panties to wear...."
"But I thought tonight was just going to be the two of us....."
"Well you thought wrong....look at that little tiny thing....what good would that do me....I like men with real cocks....stop wasting my time....I want to see you in panties...on your knees....sucking his cock within the next five minutes or I'll spank your ass until you beg me to let you do it!!!!"
"I guess I should wear white panties so they'll match....."
"Now you're thinking like my good girl!!!"


  1. Bunda gostosa gatas,quero meter o meu pau que ficou muito duro aqui,que tesão de bunda,beijos.....

  2. Exactly how a Sissy Husband should be - Smooth - Perfect Husband

  3. Such a typical sissy - so consumed with coordinating lingerie, you completely gloss over what's coming next. :)