Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Doctor Mordo's Madness

"Don't worry, Mr'll remember nothing..."
While his assistant controlled the pink ray that was transforming John Thompson, Dr. Mordo was gently entering his mind....he slowly peeled away the memories of boyhood and replaced them with memories of pretty dresses and tea parties.....he replaced the memories of his teen years with the same years lived as a girl....whenever Thompson resisted he allowed him to feel the indescribable pain of the pink ray transforming him into the perfect woman....and his resistance crumbled!!!!
Soon it would be done and Dr. Mordo would have a new toy to play with.....until he tired of was the challenge he loved.....making a man into his female lover....making his mind over....he had been born with this power over other peoples minds....
He had peeled away every part of Thompson's life as a man but he left that one little spark....he loved to see that flicker of doubt in their eyes as he made love with them....that one little glimmer that maybe something wasn't right!!!!
His last toy was already halfway to the slave markets of southeast Asia and this one would fetch an even higher price....when he was done with her!!!!

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