Saturday, March 1, 2014


When my wife's co-worker called and asked if he could come by, I told him my wife was out for the day but he could get her on her cell phone. I was surprised when he said it was me he wanted to see! When I asked him what it was about he said he'd tell me in person and would arrive in 10 minutes!
I hurriedly changed into somewhat less girly clothes and peeked out the window to watch for his arrival.
He pulled up in a flashy red sports car and from what I could tell he had an attractive blonde with him. He said a few words to her and came to the door, I let him in before he could ring the bell. He seemed a little breathless...
I just need to know", he dropped his pants, "if you know where your wife keeps the key. The pantyhose I can slip out of at the restaurant, but this cage, well my date out there will definitely not understand!"
"My wife put you in chastity!" I said, shocked she would keep this from me!
"No she's holding the key for my wife! and I so need to be released right now."
I glanced a the cage and told him I didn't know anything about it and I would certainly not help him cheat on his wife.
He pulled up his pants and with a last desperate look said "Please don't mention this to your wife or I'm never going to get out of this damned thing>"
As the door swung shut I was already picking up the phone, cheating is simply not allowed!


  1. Absolutely no cheating. That is what the lock is for.

  2. Excellent way to make the point very clear.