Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Do You Trust

"So," she said laughing, "Do you trust your Kaaren to behave?"
"Oh no! Absolutely not, Kaaren is such a slut!"
The two women laughed as they refilled their glasses.

"What about your Leeanne? Can you trust her?
"Most of the time yes," she said chuckling, "but together with a slutty sissy....well I just don't know!"
She sighed, "Yes Kaaren can be a bad influence, that's why I have to be so strict with her!"
"Does that work?"
"Honestly I'm pretty sure she enjoys getting punished, and just between us I kind of enjoy punishing her!"
They dissolved into giggles!
"Well it's a good thing they're caged and cuffed then or we couldn't have our girl time, after all what possible mischief can they get up to...fill my glass again!


  1. As my mommy always used to say, "Where there is a will, there is a way." Huh Kaaren sweetie?

    Kiss kiss,


    1. Oh my, I've certainly got the will it's the way that always eludes me!!!!

      One big sissy kiss right where you want it most!