Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hi My Name is Kaaren

Hi my name is Kaaren and I'm a sissy! Welcome all of you to our meeting of Sissies Anonymous, I'm so happy to see so many lovely sissies here! Before we begin I'd like to ask those two in the back to please wait until after the meeting before doing any cock sucking! As a matter of fact Cocksuckers Anonymous is currently meeting right next door if you feel the need to....wait...where are you all going? Oh well I guess meeting is adjourned save a nice cock for me...I'll be right there!


  1. I am guessing that all the real women will be pissed that the sissies do it better .. and more often!

    1. The truth of the proverb "The one who sucks best sucks most"
      It helps when you love what you're doing!